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Dishwasher detergent??

Help a noob out... Are there any commercially available dishwasher detergents that really clean your dishes? If I use a conventional detergent I can put my dishes in without rinsing and they sparkle. Everything I have tried as an alternitive leaves residue behind even if I prewash. I feel like if I have to completely wash everything there is no point to running the dishwasher at all. Do you use something that actually works? TIA

Re: Dishwasher detergent??

  • we love Ecover tabs!
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  • Ecover.

    ETA: It doesn't get off the baked on cheese when DH makes nachos and bread dough from the food processor.  We have to pre-rinse those things but everything else goes in as is. 

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  • I would not recommend the 7th Generation powder.  It leaves powder in all of my drinking glasses.

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  • I love ecover tabs. I never pre-rinse and I never have a problem 
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  • I've heard that adding vinegar (like you would other additives) helps to remove hard water deposits (which i think is what you're talking about).
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  • so far the ecover tabs have worked best. i did not like 7th generation powder. white powder stains were left over everything. i would have to put a good bit of vinegar in the bottom to stop that. 


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  • I haven't tried anything yet, but I'm really glad you posted this topic! FH and I were all set to buy seventh generation dishwasher detergent in a week or two to try, that saves me the trouble without wasting money! :) Where can you all get ecover tabs? I don't know if i've ever seen them.
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  • We make our own with 1 part baking soda and 1 part borax and add vinegar to the rinse cycle to get out any stains.
  • hmm interesting thread, I really like the Seventh Generation powder!  everything is so clean....maybe it depends on your dishwasher?

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  • We like the 7th Generation liquid detergent.  Powders don't really work in our machine.

    We do have to run vinegar through once or twice a month though, we have awfully hard water here.

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  • image doglove:
    We make our own with 1 part baking soda and 1 part borax and add vinegar to the rinse cycle to get out any stains.

    This. Works for us!

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  • We use the EF Wave Gel.

    Also make sure you clean your machine on a regular basis.

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