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Hi everyone!  So sorry I haven't been on in a while, a new baby will do that to you!  Things are going great here, Gratia is a month old now and we are getting into the groove of being a family! She is absolutely wonderful and we love her so much!  She's actually asleep on my chest as I type this, lol!  :D  I hope that I'll be able to get on here more often to see what's going on with everyone!  I hope all is well, any big news since I've been gone?  Big news for us besides having Gratia is that we got a new car, a Toyota Highlander!  We really like it :)  Also we had to take one of our dogs, Molly to MIL's house to live.  She is a pitt/lab mix and was NOT adjusting to life with a new baby well.  We adore Molly, she really was our baby but she started attacking the other dogs as soon as we brought the baby home.  As much as I love her, I can't risk her turning on Gratia or any friends with small children.  I love Molly, but I love my baby more.  :(  It's hard bc DH isn't totally on the same page about it.  He thinks she'll calm down and be fine.  I'm not going to take the chance and at least we are in the position where a family member who lives close can take her.    Well that's basically what's going on here!  We're settling into a groove and learning as we go!  I really hope to be able to find some mommy groups in the area to meet people!

I hope all of you are great and super excited to "meet" the other new babies coming up!



Re: Hi!!

  • Welcome back!! Ummm that pic is ADORABLE! I love the little bow on her head!!! Can't wait to hear the stories about being a mom :)

    Sorry you had to send your pooch to live with family however its best that she's with a family member and can get the attention that she wants!

  • Hey Stranger!!  Glad to hear all is going well sans having to give your pooch to MIL but you made the right decision!

    I love looking at all the pics of Gratia on FB.  She really is a cutie pie!

    Shmel's Blog
  • Glad you could stop in! : ) She is SO cute! I love looking at the pictures of Facebook. Sorry about your pooch, but you did the right thing. A dog, although many of us (including me) don't want to admit it, is just a dog sometimes. Gratia is way more precious, I'm sure. : )
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  • So glad to hear from you and glad to hear that "mommyhood" is treating you well!  I'm sure you have been very busy, but I hope you are enjoying your time with your little darling.  She's absolutely precious!!!!


  • Hey hey!  Thanks for stopping by!  I love all of the pictures you've posted on facebook, and this picture is too adorable for words!  Sending you continued luck with the obstacles of parenting ;)  Feel free to stop by and share stories/pics anytime!
    ~Margaret (and Nick)~
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  • It's good to hear from you! Just like everyone else, I am totally loving all the pics you post of that sweet baby on FB.  Glad to hear that things are going well (except for doggie).  Can't wait to hear more stories about Gratia and mommyhood.

  • Congrats! She's so adorable. And you made the right call on the pooch, especially since there's some pit bull in there. My mom had to do the same thing with her dog when I was born and he was only a Lhasa Apso! 
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  • Congrats!  That is a darling picture!


  • Hello!! Glad you popped in to say hi! I enjoy the pics as well, she gets cuter more and more every day!
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  • So glad you could stop by!! I (like all the other girls) also love all the photos of Gratia that you post on Facebook - she is just TOO cute!! So glad to hear that you're loving life as a mommy :)
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  • Awwww!!!  :)  Love the picture!!! 

    And good idea with Molly, at least she's with family and you can still see her.  Everyone in your house is just a little safer now.  Amanda also has a Pitt/Lab mix and can get very jealous when people "step in," so I totally understand the behavior.  She used to bark her brains out at me when Mike and I first started dating because he was HER daddy. 

  • omg WHAT A CUTIE!!! I'm glad you guys are starting to settle in. Maybe Molly can come back and be with you one day once Gratia is a little bigger and she has settled down. If not, I'm thankful you had a family member to take her to :)
  • congrats and great pic!

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  • So great to hear from you! It is so awesome that all is well with you and your new little family :-)) And, ok...your precious baby girl is definitely making me want one!!!

    I totally get your sadness about doggie, but I ditto pp...that was totally the right call. More than likely nothing would have happened, but why take the chance? Now there is plenty of love and attention at your relatives...

    Hope you can check in again soon Smile

    April 24, 2010
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