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Xoom vs. Netbook for travel

My H and I are taking a long trip to Europe this summer. I want to write a blog as we travel, to update our family and friends about where we are and what we are doing, as well as to have as a keepsake once our trip is over. I'm trying to decide how best to do this. Currently, we each have a laptop. so we could just bring one of those along. Also, we were considering buying something new. I've done some research on both netbooks and the Motorola Xoom, and I am having trouble deciding. I think the Xoom is cooler, and probably better for day to day life, but for traveling and writing the blog, I think the the netbook with the full keyboard might be more practical. But, day to day, the netbook is just another (less powerful) laptop, and I'm not sure I really want it.

Does anyone have any input? Has anybody typed a lot on the Xoom? Is there a way for me to save a blog entry so that I can publish it when I have wifi access? Is typing with the onscreen keyboard very inconvenient? I know there is a wireless keyboard accessory for the Xoom, but that's just another thing to pack and carry around. Thanks for any help you can offer!

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, July 2011


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Re: Xoom vs. Netbook for travel

  • I brought a netbook on vacation. First it was a cruise, then to China/Hong Kong. I use the netbook as my daily laptop as well, and had installed games on it to play on during the flights and downtime. I usually blog from Windows Live writer, since I like the features better.

    I wasn't sure what the xoom capabilities are, so I looked it up on amazon. One thing I would be concerned about is the wifi. I'm not sure how many hotspots will be in Europe, but there no option to go wired. From experience, having the ethernet cable was the only option sometimes.

    If you're concerned about the keyboard, I think amazon had a keyboard accessory when I searched xoom. 

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