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Homemade laundry soap makes stains, HELP!

I am about to go back to good old "All" if I can't get this homemade laundry soap to work. How do you all do it?! What am I doing wrong.

I tried a couple dry recipes with Borax,Washing soda, Oxyclean or Baking Soda and Fels Naptha. They cleaned well but the soap didn't dissolve. So I had to mix it with boiling water and shake before adding it to the washer; PITA. So, I decided to try the same thing but to add liquid soap instead of the Fels Naptha.

 My first attempt I used "Dawn" dishsoap. My some dark clothes came out with dark, grease-stain looking spots and my navy scrubs also had a faded, white-hazy look to them. I immediately quit using that.

 I tried one more time with the same powders (1 cup B, 1 cup W.S, 1/2 cup Oxy clean) and Baby Dr. Bronners liquid. Still got the greasy spots and haze on my scrubs. I have rewashed them twice with "All" and "Spray 'n' Wash" and they are starting to look better; but they are faded looking and I just bought them! I can't afford to use this stuff if I am going to have to buy new scrubs every week. What am I doing wrong???


Re: Homemade laundry soap makes stains, HELP!

  • I'm not sure what's going on with the greasy stains. Especially from Dr. B's liquid soap - I use that in combination with baking soda, washing soda, borax and dove soap grated up.

    When you grate your soap - make sure to use the finest holes on a cheese grater. You can then leave the freshly grated soap out for a few days to dry it out. Then you can crush it some more so it becomes more of a powder rather than as soap curls.

  • My answer of the day is vinegar... try adding it to the wash (as you would liquid fabric softener).  It could help, and it won't hurt.  I don't about the problem, though.  I've had that, but i think it's from the dryer, as in our case it isn't tied to the type of detergent or treatment of the laundry.
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  • To responders:

    I have hard water and I generally use cold water, especially in the case of darks.

    When I tried the bar soap I actually put it through the food processor. So, it was super fine.

    I haven't tried vinegar, but I think it's definitely in the washing process, not the drying.

     Also, the symptoms appeared when I just threw plain washing soda and baking soda in yesterday with ALL. So maybe the washing soda is not working in cold water? I read somewhere online about others having the greasy spots with Dr. B's though. I just don't know what to do. It's expensive to experiment!

  • i've tried a few different recipes and none have worked well at all, my clothes were coming out of the wash still dirty :/ i've given up on making my own at this point.
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  • You add vinegar to the washing process in a downball. You can also add it in when you add in your laundry detergent as it won't hurt anything.
  • @ cb4409


    It's nice to hear someone else admit that this stuff doesn't work for them.

  • I made my own for a while but noticed our whites looking dingy. Our cloth diapers retained some stink, too. I tried Charlies for a while but the diapers were still stinky. I now use country save on everything and am very pleased. As much as I wanted to make my own, I just wasn't pleased with the results.
  • I've been making my own for 18 mos now and have never had a problem, and our clothes come out clean.

    I mix: 1 C Borax, 1 C Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda, 2 Bars Ivory soap grated, then I mix/break it all down with a pastry cutter.

    I have a front load machine.  I put about 2 Tbs in the laundry soap compartment, then fill the rest of the way with water.  I wash most cycles with cold, and everything is fine.

    Best wishes Big Smile

  • I use Dr B's, washing soda, and borax. Gets everything super clean and fresh smelling. I have a top loading washer, I let it fill up at least half way with water, before I put in clothing. I also make sure the soap and powder are all mixed in the water well. 

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