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Graduation/BBQ ideas!

Hi! My husband just graduated with his masters 2 weeks ago and we are planning a party to celebrate his accomplishment over Memorial Day weekend. Some things I have already decided on: The food for the most part and the time, etc. What I need help on is wording for an invitation so that ppl understand it's for him. Here is the invite that I love, but woah talk about expensive....anyone know of a similar version with a cheaper price tag?


Thanks so much!

Re: Graduation/BBQ ideas!

  • My husband wrote "After 22 years, LSG is finally done with school!  Come celebrate with us at..." I liked this wording because the emphasis was on me being relieved to be done with school not look-at-how-educated-I-am-now-with-these-letters-behind-my-name.

    But you could go a little cutesy with the BBQ theme with something like "John is now a Master of Business Administration!  Join us on DATE to celebrate and see if he can also be a Master of the Grill!

    As for the invites, there are two things you might be able to do.  Some Etsy sellers will sell you the invite as a picture so you can print your own.  That seller might do that or you might find another who can do something similar.  Or, depending on how comfortable you are with it, you could make it yourself.  Honestly, if you have Powerpoint and can find grill clip art you could make that in under an hour.

  • Omg you rock!! This is awesome. I love the cutesy one bc he's going back to school this summer to get his Specialist degree. He's a teacher so he needs as many papers he can get behind his name;) The etsy seller said that she would send a template for me to print on my own for $30. Is that still too much? I mean that means I'll have to purchase card stock, envelopes and stamps for 40+ ppl!


  • $30 seems way too high to me.  I think you could make that yourself.  Even Microsoft word or publisher has a lot of clip are and font options now.  I'd at least attempt it yourself first.
    Favorite Flower

  • I agree--give it a shot yourself then consider paying the template fee.  Cardstock (looks like 5x7) can be pretty cheap at a craft store.  Sometimes they come with envelopes but if not, envelopemall.com has some cheap options.
  • Hope i'm not too late...I found these on Etsy for only $15. You send the info and wording she sends you the file to print.
    I also like what lsg said and was thinking the same thing.

    Have to share with you these parties with you for inspiration:
    Grad Party
    One Smart Cookie Dessert Display

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