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saving how much is ur electric bill?

ways to save ???suggestions how much you pay for energy?

Re: saving how much is ur electric bill?

  • Try the Money Matters board
  • I'm on a balanced payment plan with PG&E so I pay $68 a month regardless of how much I use my electricity/electric. It's really awesome, they average how much you use over the year and that's how they get your set amount.

  • Ours is average about $60/month, for a two bedroom apartment.  We do the simple stuff to save money- shutting lights off, only using when necessary.  Our heat is gas heat, so we use a room heater in the winter bc it's so much cheaper.  And window units in the summer for AC. 
  • You should change your sn.  And the MM board would also be very helpful to you.
  • I live down in Texas so my bills can get very high during the summers (900 sq ft apartment can be upwards of $300 during August).   My best advice for you is to see who the cheapest electric company is per kw, and also work on turning off all lights, tvs, etc...
  • Our gas and electric are on one bill.  We pay around $200/month.  We live in a decent sized house.

    I can't really give you advice on how to save without knowing your situation.

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  • Stop feeding the troll!
  • I actually posted something like this to MM a month ago or so. My bill is almost 300 a month in Hawaii and that is without using AC that much, turning off lights, being eco friendly, etc. I hate it. You can try again though...with MM i mean.
  • On areas that have a lot of electronics plugged in (ie, Tvs, video game systems, DVDs, etc) have them all on a surge protector.  When not in use, hit the surge protector switch and turn everything off.  Even if the Tvs not on, if its plugged in, its getting power.  Example : our TV has a light on it, orange is off, blue is on.  So it has to give some kind of power (even if a little) to give off that orange light.

    Keep things like alarm clocks plugged in seperatly since you obviously dont want to reset the clock all the time.

    Also, if you have a DVR or satalite box, plug that in seperatly.  Turning those on and off can screw up your cable box, so those kinds of things should be kept on all the time.

    Even if you keep your applianes on the counter, unplug them when not in use.

    Just simply having something plugged still feeds power to it, whether the object is on or not.

  • Oh and the reason with surge protectors is that you can have about 6 things plugged in at once (more if you get the bigger onces) and it has a power switch.  I just turn the power off so no power feeds out of the surge protector.  BUT you could go the extra mile and unplug the surge protector.  Its tons easier to unplug one surge protector then it is about 5 different electronics all at once.
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