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soap scum help

DH's shower has built up soap scum on the tiles.  Before he can use that shower it really needs a good cleaning.  We have 3 full bathrooms so there's other showers!! 

Anyways we did a full bathroom remodel (his) with a new floor, new sink, vanity toilet but we left the shower. 

Since the soap scum is built up (from the previous owners and DH not cleaning his bathroom) how do you suggest I get rid of it.  I've used scrubbing bubbles which didn't really do much. 

(My bathroom doesn't have the problem since I clean mine weekly.  Yes, we have his and hers bathrooms lol.  )

Re: soap scum help

  • Hmm, I was going to suggest scrubbing bubbles, but with a nylon scrubbing brush...you might have to do it like 3-4 times.

    Another suggestion is CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust) remover. That stuff is no joke and if it can't get rid of major soap scum nothing will.

  • In my old apartment, we had a turn of the century claw foot tub that was seriously the nastiest thing I've ever seen when I moved in.  There was thick, gray soap scum like 1/8" thick on every surface.  The only thing that worked on it was "The Works", which I could only find at Lowe's and haven't been able to find since moving here.


    I did it once, left it on for 15 min, scrubbed with a nylon brush, then sprayed again and went over it with the scrubby side of a sponge.  Be sure to use gloves and don't use that sponge again on anything but this cleaner, you should be able to get your brush clean.

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  • Best invention ever:  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber.  It takes me 3 minutes to do my shower.



  • I've used Comet and some heavy duty elbow grease, but now I want to use some of the other products if it gets bad again!


    PS - I love your idea of his/hers bathrooms!

  • Try steel wool
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  • Lysol with bleach works like a charm for me!
  • Stupid trick from college - if you're trying to get soap scum off of tile, you can usually just take a straight razor and shave it off... Sounds odd and is time consuming - but works if it's tile.  Another option is taking soft scrub w/bleach and let it sit on the tile for a while.  Usually works for me - esp. cleaning up the grout. 
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