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Saw my GP today - TMI inside (non-pregnant people might want to avoid)


Re: Saw my GP today - TMI inside (non-pregnant people might want to avoid)

  • fingers crossed it's nothing - I had a little bleeding in the beginning too, like a pp said - dark means old blood and that should be fine

    glad to hear they have you resting though !!!

  • I?m keeping everything crossed for you. Definitely take it easy and let your DH spoil you. Can you teach if you?re sitting down? Seems like it would be hard to do. But please, please follow the doctor?s orders, it?s worth it in the end :-)
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  • I'm sure it's normal and nothing to be worried about.  Try to relax and enjoying the babying.  

    Fingers and toes crossed for you!   

  • No worries about TMI posts UK, I think we are all happy to get updates from you! 

    Sounds like your symptoms are relatively normal, I'll be sending vibes your way!  

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    2012 Reading Challenge
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  • good thoughts and prayers for you!
  • Stick baby stick, Damn it!
  • Sorry Liane, you're going to have to try harder to keep us out ;-)

    On a serious note, do as the doctor says, let your H baby you (& enjoy it damnit!). Every single woman I know who's had a kid had some spotting, so I'm pretty sure it's normal!

    And as it can't hurt: here's another bucketload of sticky baby vibes!

  • I have a scan booked in for tomorrow at the early preganancy unit.  As it's early I think all they'll be able to look for is thickening of the lining and making sure it's not ectopic.  And perhaps take blood to see levels of hormones and stuff.
  • Good luck with the scan!!


    Also, I was going to respond to your FB post about the cough keeping you up all night and then realized it might be strange to tell you about a cough drop that had nothing unsafe in them on FB... anyway, I used to use these in the UK. They're pretty strong tasting but they helped a lot when I was pg and sick. I'd forgotten about them until now. I got them at Waitrose but I'm guessing they're available elsewhere.|20000&param=lozenge&parentContainer=SEARCHlozenge_SHELFVIEW


  • Thanks...will check those out tomorrow.
  • I am high risk too, ou of 5 pregnancies I have one child. With mt DS I did have the same thing. Sometimes the umbillical cord can slightly detach and cause spotting. I went on bed rest, and was allowed to swim after a week off and after 3 all was well. Ifi may suggest meditating, it does help when your body is bed bound. Lots of thoughts your way for sure.
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  • Just wanted to pop by and wish you well.  Am glad to hear that you were able to get an appt so quickly.  I know, the waiting and uncertainty is just horrific.  Very sorry for that stress, but hope that you get great news very soon!  Many, many positive vibes your way!!!!
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