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Soo.. tell me if this is a terrible idea.

I also applied to the University of Nevada, Reno last night because my BFF B is out there going to school, it would be closer to my dad and grandma and they have a good med program.  If I get in and decide to go there, B and I were thinking about renting a townhouse together.  My concern is mostly W.  B and I have lived together before, and spent pretty much all. the. time together and have never had an issue.  The townhouses that we're looking at have one bedroom on the ground floor and two upstairs.  I've told her that she can have the ground floor bedroom, that has a bathroom attached, and I would basically just take the entire upstairs with the master bedroom and W's room.  There's also an attached one car garage that I've said she could have and we would split the rent 50/50.  

 That's all fine and dandy, and I think that since W's bedroom will be upstairs, I wouldn't mind if she wanted to bring a couple friends over after he's in bed.  She'll be in school as well getting her BSN, and she doesn't really "party" so I'm not really worried about that.  But what do you think about a the roommate situation when there are kids involved.  She loves Wyatt, and is actually his Godmother, so it's not like they're strangers or anything.  I just don't want to ruin our friendship, even though we know that we can live together.  




ETA:  It will also bring my rent down from about $700 to $500 a month, which will be amazing. 

Re: Soo.. tell me if this is a terrible idea.

  • As long as you've lived with her before and you have ground rules set, like that no one else can suddenly move in as well, I think you'll be fine. We had two people (K's bff and his fiance) live with us for three months with Bean and it was fine. Well, it was fine with the bff, the fiance was annoying as hell, but it still worked out.

    Also, I've mentioned before that we've had roommates for around two out of our three years of marriage. If you set rules and both respect them, it works out. 

    ETA: We did it in a single level home so I definitely think you'll be fine with two levels. Like I said though, we made sure to set rules like respecting Bean's sleep and didn't automatically assume they would be built-in baby-sitters.

  • I have no comment on the roommate situation because I don't have a child and don't feel I can be helpful.

    However, I graduated from UNR so if you have any questions, feel free to let me know! :) Go Pack! 


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  • I wouldn't do it.  If I did do it, I wouldn't allow friends to come around.  I can just see this going badly. 

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  • It depends on your maturity levels and ability to stick to the ground rules you set up.  
    Shot first, questions later.
  •  I personally think it's a bad idea.  At least for me it is.  But I think if you have ground rules and you feel like you can talk to her if something is bothering you then then go for it
  • I feel like pretty much every PP has said.  I feel like we ARE mature enough and good enough friends to mention something that bothers the other.  But at the same token, I don't want her to resent the fact that she's living with a 2 year old in the long run either.  I'm so torn, but I also like the fact that she would be there to support me.  Obviously I wouldn't assume she's a built in babysitter, because I'm just not like that, but just having her there if something gets really hard and I need to break down to someone is something we've always been there for each other for.  Does that even make sense?  LOL, I don't know why I'm stressing about this right now, I may not even get in to UNR!
  •  I wasn't suggesting you would treat her like a built in babysitter, but when I told one of my friends that those two were going to stay with us for a bit, her response was "Score! Baby-sitters 24 hours a day!" 
  • imagePumpkin701:
     I wasn't suggesting you would treat her like a built in babysitter, but when I told one of my friends that those two were going to stay with us for a bit, her response was "Score! Baby-sitters 24 hours a day!" 


    LOL!  I know, just putting it out there. Smile  


    And I know you love me, so why would you assume I would do something crazy like that! hahaha 

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