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Trish told me to.......

You can blame Sadlebred for having me come post over here. Stick out tongue

I want to lose some weight, about 30-40lbs. I've done the South Beach diet, and it works great for about 2 weeks, when I finally crack under the starvation and go back to eating like I did before, and I gain the weight back.

 I've been thinking about Weight Watchers, but I truly have no idea how it works other than you get points. I don't know how you would calculate points if your foods aren't pre packaged, and I prefer to keep pre packaged food to a minimum. Right now, I am working about 50 hours a week, have school 4 nights per week, two church services on the weekends, plus my boyfriend, so I am very busy.

Any insight on how to start a new lifestyle plan that doesn't involve tons of prep time every day would be great. :)

Re: Trish told me to.......

  • Are you looking to calorie count? For an exercise plan??

    I use for calorie counting. (I tried, and hated, Weight Watchers.) As far as lifestyle plan, I'm starting to eat cleaner (not totally clean, but pretty clean - the only not really clean stuff I eat are occasional Fiber One bars and ice cream, which I can't give up.) I use my slow cooker to make a lot of meals. I like the website for easy to make, low-calorie/low-fat recipes.  HTH!

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  • I don't know a lot about Weight Watchers, but if you want to avoid prepackaged foods you will have to do some prep work.  I try to avoid a lot of prepacked foods too.  I try to make a lot of my food for the week on Sunday and pre-portion into containers for lunch. Make a few chicken breasts to slice for salads, etc.  I also like to make extra for dinners so I'll some to tkae for lunch.  Someone else mentioned a slow cooker.  This can be a big help, just toss the food in and let it go.

    I also make my breakfast the night before, so all I have to do is heat it in the microwave.  I like to do egg whites on whole wheat english muffins w/lowfat cheese or oatmeal with fruit and nuts added in.  Sometimes I'll make up to 3 at a time to use for the next few days. 

    Some popular calorie tracking (and free) websites are or I use  They have a good database of lots of foods, and if it's not on there you can add to the database.

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  • PnR is a great cook! (Trust me, I've had her cooking!). I've suggested eating clean. At the very least, it's something to incorporate into your eating habits.


  • Thank you for the suggestions ladies! I will also get back on the my daily plate bandwagon.
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