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Nailed myself in the chin with the barbell

Doing a front squat push press. I'm lucky it didn't split, it looks like there is just going to be a bump. I finished my workout but it was kinda crappy. I've got too much on my mind and couldn't focus, which sucks because it's normally my best stress release.

Re: Nailed myself in the chin with the barbell

  • Who's got 2 thumbs and has hit herself in the head with a weight more times than she'd like to remember? THIS gal!

    You're not alone. It does suck (and I'm always embarrassed and worried people notice how clumsy I sometimes can be.) I feel you, for sure. Working out is a great stress release and it absolutely sucks when you've got too much on your mind and your workout sucks that day. Hopefully tomorrow's is a better work out!

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  • My mom once gave herself two black eyes by dropping one on the bridge of her nose.  Apparently people were giving my dad dirty looks for weeks when they went out together. 

    Hope you get better soon!

  • I grazed my nose doing the same thing.  It happens!  Hopefully you won't bruise, good luck healing!

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  • You're definitely not alone.  I had a nice raspberry on my chin after my encounter with the bar doing that same lift.  Most likely - you'll be a little gun-shy, and it won't happen again.  I know I only did it once.
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