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Bathroom cleaning advice

We have one small bathroom.  It is original to the 1950's, less the updates we did when we moved in.  There is white, 4x4 ceramic tile from the floor halfway up the walls throughout the room, and as the walls around the tub.  There is 1x1 green/grey/white tile on the floor.  All is in great shape.

BUT-it is terrible to clean.  DH and my dog both have dark hair and it STICKS EVERYWHERE... and when the walls are white, glossy tile... ugh... the hair is everywhere.  I have the worst time, however, finding something to "pick it up" with... if that makes sense?

I've tried: magic erasers, cleaner and paper towels, cleaner and cotton rags, clorox wipe.  In every case, the hair just gets pushed around but it never all gets picked up.  I end up spending WAY too long cleaning the bathroom to remove all these little hairs one by one with tissues.   

Does anyone have a similar problem or any advice for cleaning up small hairs from the bathroom???


Re: Bathroom cleaning advice

  • I wish I knew how to clean all that. We put the 4x4 tile around the tub, and it's horrible to get clean. We all have dark hair and so do the cat and dog, so it's always a mess.
  • Have you tried scrubbing bubbles and paper towels/microfiber towels?
  • I would try a Swiffer -- something with static cling.  I'm not sure if wet or dry would be better.

    My second suggestion would be a dust mop.  I'm trying to find a picture of ours, but don't see it on the internet.  I'm not sure if it is OCelo or Quickie.  It's long and flat and has a cotton cloth that velcros on and comes off and you toss in the washer.  It's pretty good about picking up hair and dust.

    Or have you tried just vacuming it?

    Lint roller?

    You don't need something that will actually clean the tile, but will pick up the hair so you can clean the tile.


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  • I second the vacuuming suggestion - that sounds like the only thing that will pick up the hair, and not just push it around.
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  • Do you have a vacuum w/ a brushy-type attachment? That's what I use for hair in our house b/c it helps pick it up off of slick surfaces. I use that on our bathroom floor and then go back over it with some type of cleaner.

    I hate trying to wet the floors to clean them and there's hair everywhere. Skeeves me out.

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  • I will try the vacuum tonight and see if that does the trick...otherwise I think a good duster of some sort might help?  Thanks for the suggestions-it's really frustrating!
  • You may look into something like this also.  We used them when I worked at a tanning salon in college...it worked great for picking up hair.
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