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In light of the Charlie Sheen stuff, can someone explain to me how that show is popular?

I don't get it.  I've watched it-- like when I've been on a plane and they've shown it.   Or in a hotel room with either that for 8  ESPN channels. 

I do not find any humor in it, and Charlie's character is repulsive.  (And what's with the bowling shirts and shoes.  With socks no less.  Eww.)  I can usually admit that a show isn't my style but that I can see how people might enjoy it.  This one-- nope. 

How is it the most popular TV show?  And how is he the highest paid TV actor???

Re: In light of the Charlie Sheen stuff, can someone explain to me how that show is popular?

  • And what the he!! is my avatar? 
  • image julie5220:
    And what the he!! is my avatar? 

    "you're" holding up a onesie!

    eta: i don't find the show funny either.

  • I had never watched it before my honeymoon, but it was one on of the few English-speaking channels all the time. I actually didn't mind it, but I also don't understand how it's so popular.

    I guess maybe people enjoy it b/c it's mindless entertainment? 


  • When it first came out, it was funny.  The kid was cute and the interaction between Charlie, the brother, the kid, crazy neighbor and cleaning lady was funny.  Now, not so much.  The kid isn't cute anymore.  The brother grates on your nerves.  And the funny neighbor got written out.

    I too am surprised that he is one of the highest paid tv actors.  Especially for a 30 minute show.


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  • I have seen one or two episodes and don't get the appeal. The jokes are very obvious and dumb.
  • I've only seen it a handful of times. I think it's okay, but not fabulous. I have no idea how he's the highest-paid actor on TV. There are a lot of shows that are a lot funnier and who have casts that work just as hard.

    The show's been on so long, though, that I doubt he started out so highly-paid. I guess the ratings were so good that they kept renewing his contract, and bumping him up each time until he ended up making so much money.

  • I don't get it either. I'd be interested to see the demographic of this show. Maybe it's mostly men?
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  • image gtown_bride:
    I don't get it either. I'd be interested to see the demographic of this show. Maybe it's mostly men?

    Could be it... I had a (older) friend who said that the character is basically living every man's fantasy.  Great beach house, no nagging wife but the housekeeper to keep him in line and give him that sense of being mothered, parade of hot women, wears what he wants, brother/nephew to pick on.  

  • There was a New Yorker article a few months back that focused on the show's creator. I'm badly paraphrasing since I can't link to the article, but the show is basically character-driven. The stereotypes are given enough depth to make them interesting, but also reliable. They don't face true hardships - illnesses, death, etc - because people get enough of that in real life. They mentioned that his other shows like Dharma & Greg got lower ratings when they tackled harder issues. Viewers want to watch amiable characters have silly mishaps and be entertained.
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  • My mom and stepdad LOVE this show and just can't get enough of it. Because of that, I've had to watch it several times and, OMG, it's so bad. Just horribly painful, predictable and completely unfunny to me.

    There's definitely a demographic out there that just wants obvious, predictable "humor" (if you can call it that).  I think that those are the people who don't understand why Seinfeld was popular...

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