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Work Vent

I'm about two seconds away from wanting to Hulk smash something or someone.  I work from home most days and I logged on this morning and started reading through my emails.  At 6:12 on Friday night...well past the time that anyone in our department was working... we all got an email invite for a meeting today at 2:30.  It's a half an hour meeting.  30 freaking minutes and they want the ENTIRE department to come in.  That means we all have to leave our houses and drive in and there will be zero coverage for the entire department.  It takes me easily 40 minutes to get there.  So I'll have 40 minute drive up, a 30 minute meeting and then a 40 minute drive back.  One girl lives over an hour away so she'll waste the rest of the day driving up and back.  It's ridiculous and the last minute notice is BS...I would have made plans to be in the office today if I had known about this in advance instead of the guy who is in the office today and lives five minutes away.

I absolutely cannot stand our "management" somedays.


And for those of you that actual read that here are some baby ducks.


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Re: Work Vent

  • I hate it when I feel like my time is being wasted, so I feel for you.  And nice ducks.
    Shot first, questions later.
  • Duckies!!

    Drinks  Virgin, of course.  Boo.

    ::backs slowly out of post::

    I don't want to be on MSNBC, yo.
  • My old job used to do that - but we had people who lived in Texas, and they'd expect them to show up with 48 hours' notice. It's a good 5-hour drive for the closest Texas peeps and a two-hour flight for the furthest. And the meeting would be pointless! I don't miss those days.
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  • I hate stuff like that.  I had a boss who would e-mail me at like 4am to change a 9am meeting.  And then want to know why I hadn't checked my e-mail before getting dressed and driving the hour to the meeting.  I worked in an office, but the meeting would be at a different office so I would end up driving to that one instead for no reason. 
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  • Yes Baby ducks!

    No Your management.


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  • Word. I've just started interning at the state capitol (all the running around with none of the pay! horray! hahaha) and the very first day I was told that all meetings/assignments/whatever for the senators are given with a "two day notice" so we have enough time to set everything up. Then she giggled and told me what a "two day notice" is: all notices of any kind must be in before 4pm--so, at 4pm Tuesday when your day technically is "ended" (yeah right) at 5---a 7am meeting can be called for the next day. Making it a "two day notice" because you have that night and the next morning to change schedules/pull information/set up meetings/find space etc


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