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Any no-pooers use baking soda for face scrub?

On the back of the box it said you can make a paste and use as a facial scrub. I haven't tried it yet. 

I used baby wash until I challenged myself to go chemical free. Since then I have just been using water. Surprisingly I haven't been oily or breaking out. 

This no-poo experience is much better than last time I tried. I'm going on one month! Last time I tried I made it 2.5 weeks, until my husband told me I looked like a greaseball with dandruff. Now I've made it well past the transition period, and I love it. 

Re: Any no-pooers use baking soda for face scrub?

  • So do you not use anything as a face wash? 

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  • No, not right now. I haven't used anything on my face for a month. I thought I would be super oily, but I'm not. My skin actually looks a lot better than it did before!
  • I do this about once a week (twice if I am breaking out pretty badly) after I do a long run. My skin is naturally pretty oily so it helps dry it up. I was doing it more frequently, but finding that my face was getting super dry.

    I also follow up a 1-2 minute baking soda scrub on my face with dabbing apple cider vinegar on my face.

  • That's great.  Sometimes I grind oats and mix with a bit of water to ex-foliate and use whats left in the skin of my avacado as moisture mask, sound weird but feels good.
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  • I use witch hazel as an astrigent.

  • I use OCM for my daily face wash, but once a week I'll make a baking soda scrub. I just mix raw honey and baking soda to make a paste, let it sit for a bit on my skin, then use hot water to scrub it off. 
  • I do it about once a week, because my skin gets really flaky and it's the only effective way to exfoliate.  I use baking soda mixed with aloe gel to make a cream.  Just remember to be gentle because it can be pretty abrasive. I actually scrubbed too hard the other day and got a tiny scab next to my nose.
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  • I personally wouldn't. It seems too harsh for facial skin and would more than likely deplete any moisture in your skin.
  • Marking this and trying some of the ideas- I haven't done a mask in a while and it's about time.  Already love witchhazel!

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  • I also use it with raw honey. It's lovely.
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