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stinky feet??

Hey ladies, 

I'm hoping you all can help... my bf and I recently moved in together. He is a snow plow driver and wears boots to work, feet are always wet which makes for very stinky feet. His socks are wretched!! Regular laundry detergent isn't getting the smell completely out and I feel like I can still smell it in the bedroom even after his clothes are in the wash!!! I added some Borax to the wash today so we'll see how that goes. Any other suggestions??  I feel like I'm at the point where I'm gonna have to make him start taking off his shoes and socks in the garage and leave em out there so the house doesn't get stunk up!!!

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Re: stinky feet??

  • Be sure he has 2 pairs of boots so he can alternate days and give the wet pair a day to dry out.  I have also sprayed a short blast of lysol in.

    DH would leave socks outside, and come in and go straight to bathroom and wash his feet then put on dry socks. In summer he would go straight to the pool so the chlorine water helped a lot.

    Have you added a few drops of bleach to his stinky socks?

  • Vinegar works takes the mildewy smell out of our towels.  Try using some of that instead of fabric softener.

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  • After he takes off the boots, crumpled newspaper in.  The dry newsprint will draw out some of the aroma and moisture.  Rotating between two pairs of boots is key as it a cup of white vinegar with every laundry load of socks.  For my DH's T-shirts, I put white  vinegar directly on the armpits to get rid of the aroma. 

  • thanks ladies, I'll try all of that. last night he came home and put his socks directly into the wash so I don't have to smell them today but I'm sure that won't be an everyday thing. lol
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