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Please advise on best dishwasher!

Hi all,

Our dishwasher is old and needs to be replaced.  I am spending waaaay too much time in the kitchen just from washing dishes.  

Can anyone recommend a really good dishwasher?

Thank you!

-Newlywed last November

Re: Please advise on best dishwasher!

  • We got a Fridgidaire last Dec. when our old one died.  I love it and it wasn't  too expensive (maybe $350 or something?).  Anyways, it's got a grey plastic inside, and plastic racks (no rust), and the tines on the bottom rack fold down on one side which makes it handy for big dishes or bowls.  So far we haven't had any issues with it and I really like all the features.

  • I was having the same issue and turns out that it was not my dishwasher.  I live in PA and the state along with several others banned phosphates from detergents.  Good for the environmetn but not great for my spotted glassware.  Try adding 1/3-1/2 of a cup of white vinegar to the bottom of your dishwasher along with your regular soap!
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  • I think Bosch makes the best dishwashers. They can cost anywhere from average price to high end, depending on the model you want. When we bought our house a year ago, I was so happy to see the previous owners had put in a Bosch when they redid the kitchen (it was about the only thing they did right). You can get them at home depot or lowes. Almost every review on them will give 5 stars.

    Also I worked for a high end cabinet dealership for over 5 years and almost all of our customers bought Bosch. They of course bought the really high priced models, but the reason our sales people always pushed Bosch on them was of their quality. This is an appliance that gets used so much in our daily lives, we hated having customers contact us after a couple of months complaining that they hated their dishwasher and wanted a new one, for FREE. This never happened when they were sold a Bosch.

  • A late reply but we're replacing our builder grade dishwasher this year with a Bosch integra series model.  I wanted certain features, good quality, and it needs to be quiet because our 1st floor is very open and the Bosch ones are known for being extremely quiet.
  • Thank you for the feedback.
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