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Garage Sale Tips??

Does anyone know any garage sale tips that would help make my first time successful?

Re: Garage Sale Tips??

  • Wear a fanny pack with your money in it. A cash box is too easy to run off with.

    Have at least one other person there helping you keep an eye on things.

    Be willing to take a lower price for ANY item. The point is to sell, right?

    Don't let any unsold items back in the house--store in the garage or put right into your car to donate. 

    Take pictures of "bigger" items that don't sell so you can Craigslist them.

    Make your signs BIG and start with the address. Most people know that a roadside sign = garage sale, and in the .02 seconds they have as they drive by, they want to see where it is.

    You can find tons of other tips online! :) Good luck. I made over $300 at my first sale (2 days) last spring. My sister, who sold her stuff with me, made close to $200.



  • I don't price anything less than a quarter.  I don't want to deal with dimes and nickels.

    And have plenty of change in your fanny pack.

    I sometimes have $200 change.  On Saturday morning there is always at least one that comes with a $100 bill because they just cashed their check.

    Some people steal things.  Know that going into it.  I don't worry about it because they must need something really bad.

  • You can also list it on CL.  I know alot of people who check CL for upcoming yard sales before the weekend! GL!
  • Thanks ladies for all your help. I do have a lot of big items so I will use CL first and go from there with all of your tips.
  • If you have any plug-in items, have some extension cords around so people can test them out to make sure they work.
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  • Have a few people to help you, even if grandma just sits in a lawn chair.

    Also, someone generally asks to use the bathroom.

  • Buy a cheap case of bottled water and put them in a cooler filled with ice the night before. Sell them for fifty cents or a dollar each. People get thirsty when they shop.
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  • All good tips by PP.  Our town has a city-wide garage sales during one of our largest events of the year.  Like PP said, don't price under 25 cents, be willing to haggle and let items go for less, and keep things tidy as the sale happens.  My nieces usually sell cookies and lemonade, they make a killing!

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  • We participated in our neighborhood one last year and in addition to the PP's tips...I recommend buying some sort of sticker for pricing or you can buy ones that are for yard/garage sales with prices on them.  That way when it's busier someone doesn't have to wait to ask about a price.  I also recommend if you're trying to sell any electronics to have them plugged in and on.  My DH put a tv and his old original xbox out last year and I figured no one would buy them.  He had them hooked up so people could see everything was in working condition.  It all sold.

    Definitely consider selling water or soda.  Someone up from us wasn't selling much stuff but they made a killing selling water, bbq from a crockpot, and hot dogs.

  • I've been to sales where they like taped together a set of bed sheets, and priced it more than walmart!  I think most garage salers are hands-on and like to feel, see, and shake.  Some might not want the whole set.

    If you have anything new and returnable, try to return it instead of trying to sell it cheap.  A cousin buys new things at garage sales and then returns them to the store and makes a killing.

    Keep any jewelry very close to a stationary person.  That stuff kind of walks off.

    Also sometimes I have a basket of old toys that I'll give away to little kids, let them have one if they pick it up.  but only 1.

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