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all of the sudden

my MIL likes visiting , it's weird when i just met her she always said she didn't like going out that she loves staying in , watching a movie, or just eating in but all of the sudden this past weeks she visited us twice.. I know she might miss her son which is ok but she never goes out unless she goes to work. Weird situation because she never visits her daughter who is also married and she is also close from our house. I just don't get she comes and never calls she is coming over. It bothers me a lot and my husband asked me the last couple of weeks why she came. I told him she was visiting and i didn't know about it. =/

Re: all of the sudden

  • so, don't let her in.  hide behond the couch.
  • Not to nitpick, but it's "all of a sudden" not "all of the sudden". ?Anyway, have your DH ask her nicely to call before she comes over. ?If she comes without calling to check if it's OK, then meet her at the door and say, "MIL, I wish you'd called. ?We're busy right now, but we'll call you tomorrow. . . ?No, sorry, we don't even have time for a quick visit. ?We have plans." ?Better yet, if you see her coming up the sidewalk, just don't answer the door. ?
  • i think the fact that she has her other married daughter go the her house and visit during the week and my husband doens't do that now she is the one coming over . I told my husband to visit her if she feels that she still misses my husband. I understand it cuz he is the only son plus he played the role of a father sometimes because his father doesn't live with them anymore. But now it's really annoying seeing her come with out calling first. don't know i told him that at least he should visit her. i don't mind that he goes you know. =)
  • Then ask her to call first.  If you didn't allow her to drop in and visit she wouldn't do it.  As a PP said, every time she 'drops in' have plans that force you to leave the house immediately. 

  • i should ask her to call i don't like her to do that at all you know i always call before i go to her house and my husband does it too...she is like really annoying

  •  I told my husband to visit her if she feels that she still misses my husband. ..... i told him that at least he should visit her. i don't mind that he goes you know. =)

    O.k.- hold up. In the post IMMEDIATELY before this one, you're complaining about the once a week visits, and that you're not even happy w/ your DH going EVERY week.

    But here you're saying "oh- I don't mind him going to see her". 

    So- which is it? 

    It sounds like your MIL is REALLY lonely and maybe it's time your DH TALK to her.  Really talk to her and try to find out whats going on.

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