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I Heart You Guys!

Just wanted to say thanks to all who sent kind words in response to my confession post. I know that this is part of my story (thanks for the reminder Nicole!) and that I am doing everything I can to make motherhood a reality. It made me a little weepy to go back in there today and read all the sweet things you had to say to me and I hope you all know how much I appreciate you! 


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After 22 cycles and 4 failed IUIs, Serafina joined our family through IVF/ICSI, born 8.28.12
Surprise! The Sequel is due 12.8.14!

Re: I Heart You Guys!

  • I am rooting for you and keep you in my prayers that the stork will visit you soon. 

    This board does rock.  Some other boards are really scary.

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  • i wish we could have a "like' button for posts...I'm on fb way too much apparently but I like this post lol
  • I'm late in this, but your def not alone. We have moved on to the the fertility specialist and not only 1 but both of us have fertility issues. It's VERY frustrating and nothing anyone says makes me feel better. It's overwhelming for sure with all the options and trying to decide which option to go with is hard. If you ever need to chat just let me know!

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    Me: PCOS, annovulatory DH: azoo
    IUI#1 w/ DS (5mg Letrozole + HCG)= BFN~~~
    IUI#2 w/DS = BFN IVF#1- Jan/2013=?
  • I'm SUPER late on this, but I can't imagine how frustrated you feel.  I'm not trying to get pregnant but had to deal with some "woman issues" the last few months (surgery etc) and being told that your chances of getting pregnant could be more difficult because of surgery/scar tissue was pretty damn scary.  And then while recovering I would get so angry when people would just happen to ask "So when are you going to have a baby?" or when my mother in law would even say "when you all have babies".  Yes I was very sensitive to the topic (still am) but I just think it's SO RUDE when people ask that question....it's none of their damn business. 

    I know this won't make any of you feel better, but I really hope that things get easier for all of you. 

  • Yes

    We heart you, too, Kel! I'm sure it is hard, but you've remained so positive. I really admire how you've been dealing with this. You've got a big group of cheerleaders behind you!

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