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If you live in New Haven, may I have your ear for a sec?

Hello New Haven Nesties,

Please forgive me for barging in. Smile I've got a question for you about safety in your area and around Yale. It is possible that my sister may end up teaching at Yale, and we're both concerned about the safety there...we keep hearing horror stories about the crime rate in that area. She will visit the campus and will be able to check it out a little bit, but I was wondering if any of you could point me in a good direction towards safer areas. Any and all information is completely appreciated!!

Re: If you live in New Haven, may I have your ear for a sec?

  • There are some amazing areas of downtown new haven.  they have done an awesome job cleaning it up in the last decade and still have many projects under way.  before we bought our home, i lived in an apartment in downtown new haven in the ninth square district. Corner of Crown and Orange (across from Miso restaurant.)  I consider this a very safe area.  I never once had a problem.  My apartment was attached to a parking garage, and security was excellent.  So if she is looking for a place to live, I highly recommend any of the apartments the Resident of Ninth Square have to offer in that area (they have some above some other other stores and restaurants in that vacinity).  

     The main downtown area of Chapel, College, Church, Broadway (all the areas that surround the yale buildings)  are generally safe.  I walked those streets many times by myself (the bar, store areas). My sister in law works for yale and never has had a problem also.   Don't be scared by some statistics!  I consider New Haven a safe city!  I've been hanging in the coffee shops down there since I was a teen.

     Getting further away from downtown, going towards Whitney Avenue (and the town of hamden).  There are many apartments and houses to rent.  That is also an option. She would have to drive to work and probably get a parking pass of some sort.  But def a nice area too! 

     However, once you get past a certain area of downtown new haven (whalley ave, lower chapel street.) It generally isn't that great or safe to travel by yourself.  I would avoid those areas.

  • I love New Haven, it's such a great city, there's so much to do, ton's of great stores and restaurants and unlike Bridgeport and Hartford, they don't roll up the sidewalks at 6pm.

    Like with any city there is always an element of crime and danger, so don't let the statistics scare you, but if you are aware of your surroundings you should be fine. 

  • You girls are wonderful, thank you!!! These specific streets and areas are particularly helpful in where to live. Keep 'em comin', I'll be checking this thread frequently. And again, thank you. This is helping both of us!!
  • Both my husband and I work in New Haven and have no problems whatsoever as far as crime.  There are bad sections of New Haven like any others, but the areas immediately surrounding Yale are just fine.  Just like any other place, you have to be smart.

     You can work in New Haven and enjoy the nightlife and not be in the wrong places as well.  You don't have to live in the sketch areas unless you really want to..  :)  It's a very cool city, like a mini Boston with a lot of cultural activities and restaurants.  

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  • I work at Yale and every now and then we get emails from the Yale chief of police about a theft/purse snatching.  They are few and far between (mostly late at night and the person is alone).  However, if your sister is going to work for yale she'll have access to all the campus escorts and whatnot so if she is worried there are people she can call.
  • The Ninth Square is a great area to live in. I can also recommend Wooster Square too. It's part of New Haven's "Little Italy" and a great area to live in.

    Also, a lot of Yale professors live over by Albertus East Rock. There are a lot of big, really nice Victorian mansions over there.

  • Thank you all again!! I've been copying and pasting your responses into an email that she can take with her when she visits the area. I can't tell you how helpful you all have been, and we both really appreciate your responses! Feel free to pm me or add on if anyone wishes to contribute further! Big Smile
  • My sister is attending Yale next year, so I'm glad you asked this! I am going to pass on the info to her as well!
  • If you are interested in crime in a very specific area/street/block, take a look here:

    I lived in downtown NH for some time in the clubby section at the corner of Crown & Temple. My concern was not safety, but noise with all the kids at the bars. Oh and I have encountered some of the worst drivers ever there. I have since bought a house Branford which is a suburb 2 towns east and I LOVE it here. I am pretty sure the majority of my neighbors work in New Haven at Yale, the hospitals, etc. The commute isn't too terrible either.

    A couple other random thoughts... We dock our boat in Morris Cove, which is a section of New Haven that is over the bridge east of downtown and we have fantasized about living within walking distance of our dock and the park there. It's less urban and would require driving into town and parking though. I also like right around Wooster Square and visit nearly every weekend in the summer for the wonderful farmers market, the vibe is what I would describe as yuppie hipsterish but I kind of like that. I also like Whitney Ave /East Rock.

    Some neighborhoods I would not want to live in? Hill, Newhallville, Dwight, Fair Haven...

    Try googling city data forum and New Haven, you can find some detailed info there too. People always post about how they might be taking a position at Yale/YNNH and ask for advice.    


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  • Hamden is just north of New Haven and a couple of bus lines bring you right into the city. I think that area is worth checking out.
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