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Best way to clean marble floors?

The previous owners of our home had marble (with floor heating) installed in the entry and kitchen. I love love love the look of it, but I don't love that they don't seem to have cleaned it very well (like everything, boy were those people gross!!!!)

Anyways, I've tried special marble cleaner, I've tried 'soft soap' (like soft sunlight soap, old fashioned stuff that's supposed to work miracles), but I can't seem to get everything out. I'm sure that if I'd try cleaning it twice a day for a month, eventually all the built up dirt from years will come out, but really, who has time for that?

Any tips on 'deep cleaning' marble without damaging it?  

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Re: Best way to clean marble floors?

  • I don't know if this is the correct way or not.  Maybe I'm ruining my floors.  I use my Shark steam mop on my bathroom floors.  It's worked for us.  But I will say, we installed our floors this summer, so there hasn't been a ton of muck ever left on them.

    Are your floors sealed?  I think you're supposed to re-seal them every once in awhile.  I wonder if they were never sealed if the dirt is in there to stay.  Is the dirt in the grout or the tile itself?  Is it really dirt?  The natural look of the tile might just be looking dirty?  

  • I have no idea if they were sealed, and I don't want to (re-)seal before I get them much cleaner. They get a little cleaner each time I mop them, it's just going slow (and it's a BIG floor). The dirt is in the tile though, grout too, possibly, but I can see them get 'cleaner' each time !

    I'll definitely give steam a try! 


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  • That's got to be so frustrating!  When we bought our house, it had been a 3 family rental for over 40 years and the year before we moved in it was inhabited by a soccer team.  So there wasn't a whole lot of cleaning that went on.  The bathtub was so stained and disgusting.  It didn't matter how much I scrubbed or bleached, I never felt like I could get it clean.  Luckily everything that came in our house was pretty crappy so we just demo everything when we re-do a room and put in new, CLEAN stuff.  Good luck!

    Check Mr Clean yellow liquid w/out bleach (can't remember the name).  It'll tell if it's safe for marble.  I used it diluted in water with a scrub brush to do our gross linoleum in our kitchen and it worked pretty well.  Definitely took a long time though.

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