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We're in for it!

Starting tomorrow afternoon we're expecting the worst snowstorm since '05.  They're calling for up to 1.5 ft. of snow.  Grocery stores around here are in-effing-sane!!  So glad I did my shopping this past Wednesday!!!  =) 

I'm supposed to have a vacation day on Monday because I always take off the day after super bowl.  I'm debating on whether or not I should switch my days and take Wednesday off, OR if I should say F it and take a personal day Wednesday and keep my vacation day!!!  WDYT??


Re: We're in for it!

  • We're supposed to get lots of freezing rain and wintry mix so I brought some stuff home with me so I can work from home. I don't always have the type of stuff I can bring home so I did luck out so I don't have to use a personal day. Depends on how many vaca and personal days you have and how many you already are planning to use. I get 10 vaca 2 personal and using 7 vaca for the florida trip, so I am trying to avoid using time if I can.
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  • Oh my gosh, your telling me!  DH went out of town and I'm upset because of this huge storm.  They are expecting 2 Feet in Chicago by Wednesday!  I'm hoping that they'll be smart and close work, but we'll see. 

     I went to 3 stores tonight looking for salt and they were all sold out.  Everybody is stocking up on firewood, canned food and water.  I'm screwed. :/

  • My mom in northern MI said that the national weather service issued a "potentially life-threatening blizzard" - sounds epic!  Stay safe and take pictures if you are able!!!
    ~Margaret (and Nick)~
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  • I can't believe you have to take a personal day if there is that much snow on the ground!! Helloooo unsafe driving conditions anyone?

    Be safe everybody!

  • It's starting to come down pretty hard here too!

    Does your newspaper have a "Snowmageddon" title yet? Or will that be tomorrow when they have the pictures to go with it?


    I think we are all in for it now!

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  • I don't think it's fair that you'd have to take a personal day when there is 1.5 feet of snow on the ground - that's crazy! If I were you, I'd still want to take my vacation day on Monday but take Wednesday off too with all that snow!

    It just started to snow here in the last hour or so. We're supposed to get 4-8" today and another 12-14" tomorrow - for almost 2 feet of snow in the next 2 days! sheesh! I'm not gonna lie though, I absolutely love it! I work in HR at a College, so when the College is closed and classes are cancelled, our office is closed. Fingers crossed for an early release today and a snow day tomorrow!

    Be safe!!

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  • We had freezing rain all day yesterday.  This morning, we woke up to glazing on the streets, sidewalks and trees along with sleet.  They are saying about about noon today it will turn to snow and we could get at least a foot if not 20"+.  We are under a blizzard warning until sometime tomorrow.

    One good thing...the airport is closed, so no freight can move meaning H gets to stay home today. Wink


  • Stay safe ladies!  Work is not worth the risk of traveling in this stuff!

    Thankfully this storm is JUST going to miss us!

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  • Be safe and careful, friends! We here in Central MD, fortunately, look to be spared this time around...a bit of a mix but nothing that would be considered major. Our neighbors to the north however, whew!
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  • HR just said they aren't going to force anyone to take personal time if it takes them forever to get into work.  But....if it's not personal or vacay it has to be taken unpaid.  I'd rather use PT than get it unpaid!  :)

    You all be safe too, for those of you getting hit!  And Margaret, I will be taking pictures!!  :)

  • We didn't get that much additional snow, but with the 40-50 mph winds, the massive amounts we already had with the 3-4" we got Monday-last night is causing some MAJOR drifts! I stayed home yesterday because my cramping was still so bad from the CP, so I was glad I didn't have to get out in it. It was supposed to blow just as bad today, but so far it isn't. Jeff had to work yesterday and travel to a town an hour away that his company provides cable to (that he drives to every single day), and he said there were a lot of spots of 0 visibility. Our company policy is that we either have to use vacation or take unpaid leave if we want to skip out on a snow day.
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