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Anyone take a Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour on the Big Island?

They are ridiculously expensive, but they have amazing reviews and the tour we're looking at (Big Island Spectacular) was rated the top helicopter tour in the world by the travel channel.

Anyone taken it before and can tell me what they thought? It's a boatload of money for two hours, so I wanted to see if it was really worth it as a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. 

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Re: Anyone take a Blue Hawaiian helicopter tour on the Big Island?

  • I'm 85% sure that's the one we used, and if so, it was wonderful.  DH had on a tshirt with the name of our town on it, and it turned out the pilot was from there as well.  He was also on that exercise show from years and years ago with "Gilad" where they did aerobics on the beaches of Hawaii.  They give you a dvd with the entire trip filmed including you in the helicopter.  We've actually watched that more than our wedding video, lol.
  • We did it through our cruise (NCL Pride of America) so i don't remember the cost, but it was one of our favorite things we did in Hawaii! Worth every penny!

    We didn't get the video... that was extra $. But we took pics in the helicopter. 

  • We used Blue Hawaiian when we took a helicopter tour on Maui.  It was by far and away the best thing that we did the entire trip.  My DH and I both agreed that it was totally worth the money.  We would do it again in a heartbeat.  We took another helicopter tour when we went to Alaska and it didn't even compare to the tour we took with Blue Hawaiian. 

    While I haven't taken that exact tour, I can almost guarantee that you will absolutely love it and it will be worth the money.  I know our 1hr Maui tour was one that we will never forget. 

  • No, we used Paradise Helicopters and took their "Doors Off Extreme" tour.  It was awesome!  
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  • We used Blue Hawaiian in Kaua'i, and it was incredible! 

    Word of advice, though:  Make sure to take some Dramamine beforehand, even if you're not generally prone to motion sickness.  Our ride was slightly rocky from time to time, and my poor hubby ended up with the sweats really bad and is lucky he didn't end up sick.  I was fine, but it's not smooth like a plane like you might think.

    Also, although I have absolutely no idea if you're skin and bones or have a few extra pounds, but make sure that you're under the weight restriction on them.  I have no idea if you'd even come close, but MH is 6'3" and in the 250 range, and if you're over 250lbs, it costs an EXTRA $100 on some of the flights.  We were kinda freaking out the whole first part of our trip that he wouldn't make weight, but he was fine.  They do actually weigh you before you go, though.

  • Yes.  It was expensive but so worth it.   Where else can you see real lava in its fiery glory.   The helicopter can take you to parts of the island that are not otherwise accessible. 

    The other posters are not kidding about the dramamine and weighing.  When the lava hits the sea, it can explode and chunks of rock come straight at the copter.  The pilot swung the copter out of the way.  After that necessary movement, my stomach kept swinging.    With the weighing, they assign the seating so that the copter is balanced.

     It was pricy but it was so worth it.   On the Big Island, the launchpad is 25 minutes south of Kona but just north of the Fairmont Orchid (our hotel).  The copter also took us into these lush cliffs with cascading waterfalls that would otherwise be inaccessible.  Absolutely incredible.   We loved our stay on the Big Island so much and cannot wait to go back.

  • Ok wow - thanks so much guys! I think we're going to do it. I thought it looked like one of those things that would be worth the money, but hearing from others that have taken it totally confirms it. They do take about $70 off per person if you book online, so we'll probably do that a few weeks out. Thanks!
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