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Dust on drk wood furniture-cleaning tips needed!

I recently purchased a dark wood (Merlot color) entertainment console and towers.  We've only had it for a month but I cannot keep it clean at all!  I never really had dark wood furniture before and boy, this thing shows every single spec of dust!  Even when I clean it/dust it, it looks like I never wiped it.  I've used a new Swiffer cloth, I've tried an actual flannel like dust cloth with and without spray dust cleaner, and I've tried a microfiber duster.  None seem to work and it collects dust like no other thing I've owed.  Maybe because it's new it still has a lot of static electricity or something.  I need some tips...this is frustrating.  TIA!

Re: Dust on drk wood furniture-cleaning tips needed!

  • I think that's just the nature of dark colored furniture.

    I just use Pledge Multi-Surface spray on everything when I dust with just an old rag or paper towel

    I do notice more fibers collecting faster after i've used a flannel cloth to dust (DD's old burp rags were flannel and they became dust rags when she got older). I try not to use those on dark furniture anymore.

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  • Old English works pretty well for me.  Our dining room set is dark cherry, and the afternoon sun hits it daily so all dust shows.  It easily could stand to be dusted daily or every other day to look it's best.  I love the look of dark wood, but it is high maintenance. 
  • I agree with PP that dark wood is higher maintenance. I use Pledge Dust & Allergen and one of DH's old soft tshirts on our dark dining set and I dust once a week. Any longer than a week and the dust builds up fast.
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  • The dry electrostatic cleaning cloths like swiffer sweeper refill cloths are your friend!!  They don't leave behind any residue particles of their own like paper towels can, the dust sticks to them very well instead of going into the air and resettling, and you don't have to use any chemicals or anything wet at all (also better for wood to not have to use any moisture to clean it too often)!  I especially love them since I have bad allergies and allergy induced asthma.

    I used to have asthma attacks growing up when my mom used pledge and other types of cleaner like that.  I guess we just thought it was from stirring up the dust, not the cleaner.  Now I know, I had a massive attack and develloped environmental irritant triggered bronchitis that went on for over 3 months all because we had to clean our navy housing unit in the north east in the winter, which meant too cold to open windows and there's no central air to help with ventilation either.  Even though we used mostly eco friendly products, we still had to use oven cleaner, carpet shampoo, and a few other cleaners that aren't so gentle on the lungs.  I didn't use the products myself because of my asthma and I was pregnant, but my husband used them and even though I waited to come home until the evening, the fumes were still there.

    Forgot to add, coffee filters are a wonderful alternative to paper towels when you are using a wet cleaner on glass and other surfaces.  Coffee filters don't leave behind fibers on the surface like paper towels do either.  I learned this trick being a hostess at a restaurant where we had to clean the front doors of the restaurants with windex and coffee filters every half hour.

  • just realized you have tried Swiffer cloths.  We've had great luck with them, but the dust does show very bad on our dark tv stand too if I haven't gotten around to dusting it in a while.  The fact of the matter is, dust when it accumulates at all is going to show on dark furniture.  When it builds up enough for the appearance to bother you, just hit it with a swiffer cloth and you'll be good for another week or 2 probably.
  • I like the Swiffer handheld duster thingy (not the cloths, the one made specifically for dusting). I don't use the spray that comes with it, I just use it dry. I also tend to go over my furniture with my vaccum using the handheld extension with the soft brush attachment. That works pretty well. Other than that, just vacuuming the house regularly to keep the dust down in general. I agree though dark wood can be a pain in the keester.

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