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Advice/Tips dealing with weather cancellations

We were sceduled to go to Honolulu via chicago from Indy in the morning.  We attempted to get out of here today and that flight ended up being cancelled.  Our travel agent got us a flight out in the morning to Honolulu via Denver.

 Its icy here, so far the flight is on time, wondering what the morning will bring?We are staying at an airport near the airport so I am hopeful.  We are flying United.  There is supposed to be a round two of this storm tormorrow afternoon with lots of snow.

 Just wondering you ladies have any advice, tips or ins and outs of dealing with weather cancellations.  We do have trip insurance, not sure what it covers.  And I am sure we can extend our stay at the airport...

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Re: Advice/Tips dealing with weather cancellations

  • No advice..but am right there with you. We are supposed to fly out of Milwaukee on Thursday.  Snowstorm is supposed to be done by then, so just have to hope they clean it up by then. 

    No matter what it is not a fun situation!

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  • Check with the authorities if they can put you on to another flight. Alternatively change your travel plan. Trip insurance does usually cover weather cancellations. However, check with your agent.
  • Honestly, facing that kind of storm I'd cancel my trip and cut my losses. I've done it before. The volume of snow that is about to hit the midwest is likely to be fairly catastrophic. I'd focus on getting back to my house because there are few things worse than being trapped in a crowded airport for days on end.

    Unless I absolutely have to be somewhere (or am away from home and desperately need to get back) it is not worth it for me to spend 3 days in customer service hell to eventually reach my destination. 

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  • If something goes wrong with a flight and we're already at the airport, we call the airline in addition to waiting in line.  Often, we'll get through on the phone faster.  Not sure if this is helpful or not, but just thought I'd share because this has helped us on a few occasions.
  • We dealt with that right after Christmas when we were scheduled to go to Playa del Carmen during a big snow storm in Boston.  We called two days before our scheduled departure and couldn't get rescheduled onto any other flight until the day before we were supposed to return.  Our flight ended up getting canceled and we were refunded all of our money for the flight and hotel because we had trip insurance and the airline refunded for the canceled flight.  I was extremely bummed.  I actually didn't take it very well but we are going to try and reschedule to sometime this summer. 

     Sometimes there's nothing you can do.  We decided that we could have a better time at home then sitting in the airport trying to get out.  That's the risk you take for taking a vacation in the winter months. 

     I hope you're able to get out,  but if you can't just make the best of it and try and reschedule for another time. 

  • Thanks for the advice.  We were fortunate enough to get one of the only flights out of Indy this morning.  We are in Denver awaiting our connection to Honolulu.   Feeling extremely lucky!

    The insurance did cover cancellation and a per diem fee for food, hotel, and transportation should we have needed it.

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