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XP: Recommendations for toys to take on airplane?

We're going to Maui on Sunday and I'm thinking I should get DS a few new toys to help entertain him.  We've flown with him before but he was much younger and just slept the entire time.

Any suggestions for toys that would be easy to take on the plane that would hold his attention?
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Re: XP: Recommendations for toys to take on airplane?

  • Here's a list of toys that have worked for us on plane and car trips:

    *DVD player & Little Einstein DVD's (or whatever show your child likes)
    *2 books (if you bring a lot, it just weighs you down)
    *Crayons & coloring paper or construction paper
    *Reusable sticker book
    *Aquadoodle or magna-doodle (the other will go in checked baggage as another toy for the trip)
    *Pipe cleaners (easy toy that doesn't take up much room)
    *1 small jar of Play-doh
    *Roll of painter's tape (can use as "stickers" and also good for babyproofing outlets when you get to your hotel)
    *2 play cars
    *Links (the ones they played with as a baby- you can even hang them from the ceiling of the plane)
    *Mirror compact- one that they can open and close without a clasp
    *Larger 7-day pill box- DS was fascinated with opening and closing each compartment- putting a cheerio in, taking it out, eating it, putting a raisin in, etc. etc. etc.
    *A bag with a zipper- I used a plastic one that came with his Splat-mat. He could put toys in and out of it and loves opening and closing the zipper.
    *Post-its or flags- yes, seriously. Especially the flags that automatically come up when you pull one off. I didn't bring these out until I was desperate- but it worked like a charm to get him distracted for a while.

  • We flew to London when DS was about that age and these were our lifesavers:

    --games/flashcards that I put on my iPod touch (I thought he'd be too young for these things but he LOVED them. At first, I had to navigate everything for him but by the end of the trip, he was working the ipod better than me!)

    --books that have pop-ups, pull-outs and touchy-feely stuff (some suggestions are Alpha Bugs or any of the bug books by David Carter, Wheels on the Bus by Paul Zelinsky, Just a Snowy Day hardcover by Mercer Mayer)

     --this thing:

    --I also found some mini-puzzles in a little boutique toy store but I have no idea what the brand is

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