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:Mary: (& others) help with master bedroom decor...

Hey ladies. I am in search of wall decor for our bedroom. I think after being in the house for over 3 years maybe I can finally get something to make it NOT look like we just moved in. I prefer neutral/natural colors for the main pieces and then my accessories are pops of color. That way I can change colors more easily if I change my mind (which happens a lot).

Here is the link for the bed we have:

And the wall color is Home Depot's almond toast:

And here is a picture of me and Jade on the bed so you can see the bed color, wall color, end tables (same wood as the bed) and the lamps. (if this helps)


As you can see I like dark wood, more of a traditional feel than modern. THANKS!

Re: :Mary: (& others) help with master bedroom decor...

  • Is your duvet a dark green paisley?
    What else is in the room decor wise, anything?
    What walls are you looking to put something on? Above the bed? Others?
    Your bedside lamps, how big are they?

    I LOVE your bed. It is beautiful!
  • image xmaryrickx:
    Is your duvet a dark green paisley? we are searching for a new one. That one was destroyed by a certain mini horse. right now there is a dark red thin quilt. When we find a new one it has to be pretty durable.
    What else is in the room decor wise, anything? just a dresser that is darker than the bed. Like almost jacobean. I finished it myself but I am down for a new one soon. And the woods dont have to match, just coordinate.
    What walls are you looking to put something on? Above the bed? yes Others? and yes! There is nothing on any of the walls except the curtains (dark brown).
    Your bedside lamps, how big are they?  They are probably 30" total including the shades.

    I LOVE your bed. It is beautiful! Thanks!

  • I'm a huge fan of mirrors ( i have waaay too many in the house)  and I like to use them on opposite walls from windows because they really do reflect alot of light around the room.  I don't have any pics but our bed has this mirror centered over it and then a little lower, but right over each night stand, just a bit higher than the lamps are two poster sized frames with 8X10 black and white photos of John.  There is a HUGE mat area since the frames are poster sized, but I really like the clean lines of it.

    I also like gallery walls, we have one going up our stair way with wedding pictures (which I think there is a PIB) and then there is a new one in our living room which is more like an art gallery wall.  The picture in my bio of our living room, there is a painting above the gold colored couch, there are now various mirrors and smaller painting and drawings all around it. 

    Decor blogs really do provide alot of great inspriation.

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  • I just got to work, so I will get down to business for you.

    If you are looking for a new dresser in the future, to coordinate with your bed, I would highly suggest the consignment store, Cornerstone down in Timonium. If you like them on FB you can see some of their inventory. I think they would have something beautiful to coordinate with your bed.

    It looks like you prefer a more traditional look?
  • I think I would look for getting art to hang over the nightstands on either side of the bed.  A pair of vertically oriented framed paintings or prints would be nice.  Your bed is very substantial and I think hanging something above the headboard, but also below the canopy frame would compete w/ the lines of the bed.  It doesn't look like there is much room to put anything substantial in that wall space anyway.

    Ditto Mary on the Cornerstone, also there are a couple other consignment shops in that area- I think one is called the Clearinghouse, and another called Great Finds & Designs?  My mom trolls them all. 



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  • Thanks, ladies!

    @Mary, i will go on FB and like that page and check them out. And yes, I am more traditional in style.

    I will take pictures tonight of the bedroom and post them. We have higher/pitched ceilings on one side of the room which is I guess why it makes the walls seem even more bare to me.

  • I was going to suggest the same thing as Daisy. Prints over the night stands.

    Also, does your bed have the canopy rails? What about doing curtains on them? I LOVE curtained beds. If we had needed a new bed I would have likely gone with a canopy bed for this very reason (that and the upholstered headboard I am obsessed with is ridiculously expensive).

    Now, all that said, what do you like? Do you want something colorful, something simple? Something serene? Anything you love love love and would like to incorporate?
  • I just have to say that picture of Jade cracks me up... she's so big it makes the bed look like a twin.
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  • image jadebaby:

    I will take pictures tonight of the bedroom and post them. We have higher/pitched ceilings on one side of the room which is I guess why it makes the walls seem even more bare to me.

    More pics would be very helpful. I am more traditional as well. I love traditional American style furniture, and I love me some traditional prints/patterns. Toile? Yes please. Florals? Certainly. Paisley? Absolutely.

  • Cornerstone, Clearinghouse, the Goodwill right next door, and Great Finds and Design are my new favorite little loop to do on the weekend with a fresh cup of coffee. They're within 5 minutes of each other, and I can scope out/stalk things I love. I've gotten great stuff there. 

    Great Finds and Design has a whole section of art and mirrors in the way back.  I almost bought a set of prints for my living room there last weekend.

     We're finally decorating our master, and we just got a 4 poster bed that's traditional like yours.  My plan is to hang two mirrors above the night stands with the lamps in front, like this link.

    I just got some pretty mirrors at Burlington for our living room too.  The one at East Point Mall had some nice ones this weekend.

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