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Restaurant in Chicago

DH and I are going to Chicago for a friends wedding and to celebrate our anniversary. We will be staying at the Fairmount Hotel, what are some good restaurants nearby where we can celebrate?
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Re: Restaurant in Chicago

  • Definitely try Aria that is located in your hotel.  I've never stayed at the Fairmount, but my H and I have made 2 trips to the hotel to eat at Aria.  We loved it.

    You might check it out online and see if it's something your interested in for your anniversary.  If not, try it another night. 

  • The splurgiest place in the city is Alinea.  I'm glad we tried it, but not 100% sure I totally recommend it.  We enjoyed 50-75% of our meal (which was still a lot of food, given there are 15 courses or so). 

    I do highly recommend trying out Xoco though, one of Rick Bayless's restaurants.  Delicious breakfast foods and amazing coffee.

    On my next trip out there I hope to get to The Girl and the Goat.

    I'd rather be rock climbing or playing volleyball
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  • My DH and I love to go to Stetson's a steak restaurant in the Hyatt next door to the Fairmount. 
  • Price? Cuisine?

    Some suggestions

    Husband and I have done Tru, Bonsoiree, Mon Ami Gabi, Schwa, MK and L20 for anniversaries.  Bonsoiree is my fave -  5-8 courses range from $55-$85 per person and it's BYOB. Mon Ami Gabi and MK are also great, a little more low key and less expensive. I also suggest searching on yelp.

    Wherever  you go, make sure you make reservations early. Some places fill up weeks in advance.

  • Aria can be hit or miss- they took my favorite item off of the menu and I haven't been back since.

    Topolobampo is ah-mazing, especially the tasting menus but they run $90 per person- I don't know what your budget is.

    Girl & Goat is great, mouth-watering great- but better for groups and not really romantic, IMO.

    North Pond is another option- you'll need to cab it since it is in Lincoln Park.

    Il Mulino is good for Italian (again a cab- but not as far as North Pond).

    Henri is walking distance but also pricey- you could also try Gage, but that is more low-key.

  • Annekelia.... I'm glad you posted about the menu.  I went back and looked and my favorite is gone too.  bummer, but I'm glad to know now instead of on my next trip!
  • Was it the duck & lobster chow mein?  That was my fav- I'm still in mourning that I might never have it again.
  • image annekelia10:
    Was it the duck & lobster chow mein?  That was my fav- I'm still in mourning that I might never have it again.

    Duck and lobster?!  Now you're making me sad about it and I've never even had it!

    I'd rather be rock climbing or playing volleyball
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  • Some we really like:


    We have reservations coming up at Girl & the Goat and I hear great things. 


    Table 52 (Art Smith's restaurant)

    Any Rick Bayless restaurant

  • MK is awesome- ask for a table on the 2nd level (much better for people watching).  :)
  • I also love Girl and the Goat.  Other favorites are L20, Balsan, Graham Elliott, Naha, Nightwood, Mexique, and Kith & Kin.
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