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sad story the H just emailed

Another soccer coach for a different school went out after their game on Friday to a restaurant with the team, coaches, and parents.  One of the parents had been getting threatening text messages from her STB XH, and asked one of the coaches to walk her to her car.  The gentleman that he was, he did so.

He was then attacked in the parking lot by the woman's husband and struck his head on the pavement, was hospitalized w/ no brain activity, and they lost him last night.  Crying    He was a husband and father himself, I just hate hearing these kind of stories. 

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Re: sad story the H just emailed

  • ..and then the douche ex was hit by a garbage truck and killed instantly?

    I can hope.

  • I've been following this story and it made me think of your husband, Erin.

    So sad!

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  • OMG- how crazy is that!  I'm so sorry for the family of the couch as well as the woman who asked for his help.

    During my divorce, my STBXH would sit on my street and watch my house, follow me to the store, etc.  I was mostly annoyed by it- I now realize how these types of situations can turn out.

  • Oh. My. Word. That's crazy! How very scary! The poor family! That poor woman too! I can't imagine how everyone effected by this is feeling.Tongue Tied I hope that guy rots in prison.
  • That's fvcking crazy!

    Who does shiit like that?

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  • Oh my, that's terrible. So sad and senseless. I hope the scvmbag who did this goes to jail and gets azz raped
  • image SHUVUU:

    I've been following this story and it made me think of your husband, Erin.

    So sad!

    They have asked all the coaches/refs to observe a moment of silence before all their games this week in his honor. 

    Definitely a sad situation all around, and I certainly do hope the STBXH gets locked away forever and/or put to death b/c of this nonsense. 

    MyVal, that would have me all types of skeeved to be followed and watched like that. 

    image image
  • That is horrible! What a sad situation.
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  • That is horrible.  So sad.
  • It is stories like these that really make me stop and question mankind and where we are going.
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