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yay - my last week of progesterone!!

I am hoping that my morning sickness will be cut in half after I quit this disgusting vagi-pill. I feel like I have the clap every morning when I am doing the shuffle to the bathroom. EW!! (tmi, I know)

Also, high fives to myself - I ate at Panera bread for lunch yesterday, had a cup of soup and a sandwich,and I kept it down! - holla for myself!

Lastly, walk of shame - I had to break out my 1 pair of Gap maternity jeans that I have left. I cant button my regular jeans anymore, but I am convinced that this belly I am sporting is not baby, its poop. I KNOW its not from me pigging out, so thats why I stare at it like "wtf, this is kinda early for this schit".

Re: yay - my last week of progesterone!!

  • I broke out my maternity crap really early this time too. I had it. It's more comfortable. Don't worry about it. Just keep comfy.
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  • I totally know what you mean about the morning shuffle with the prog.  I had never been so happy to not where a panty liner in my life!   Hope that being off of it will help get rid of the sickness! 

    BTW I think you need a ticker so I know how many weeks you are!!!

  • Yay for no more progesterone soon!  Good lord there gonna have to figure out something that will work for you with the pooping or else you'll be miserable all the time. Im sure that those 2 pairs of maternity pants will be flying your way soon! :)  Hang in there!
  • YAY for no more progesterone!!!! I was so done with it by the time I got off, and felt 90% better 2 days later!

    And I started using the bella band at probably 10/11 weeks, and went maternity at 12. Don't worry about it - be comfortable! 

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  • I found one of those giant vag pills recently in an overnight bag and cringed.  Ewwwwwww those were gross! 

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  • Ugh, I do not miss progesterone and I do not look forward to having to use them again in the future, blech.

     Congrats to you :)  And, don't worry about it, the maternity stuff is comfy--I swear, I wore it earlier and earlier with each pregnancy--I may just start wearing it when I "think" I'm pregnant next time (I kid, maybe..)

    I hope they figure something out to give you some relief Tiff!


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  • I bet you will feel better once you get off those things.   Don't beat yourself up about showing, it happens with the 2nd kid on.
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