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Condos-Downtown and Midtown

I have been throwing around the idea of selling my house, and buying a condo downtown.  I have no idea what's come over me, but I can't get the thought out of my head.  It's probably totally unrealistic, but I just think I would love a more urban environment.  Am I crazy?  Has anyone else ever considered this?

Anyone live down there, or know anyone who does? 


Re: Condos-Downtown and Midtown

  • Midlife crisis!

    Really, I think it'd be a blast.  I love the idea of being surrounded by people, walking downstairs to shop, go to a coffee shop, etc.. hell, just to be within reasonable walking distance to ANYTHING would be nice.  I'm just not at a place in my life that it'd be practical.  Are you planning on having babies, etc.?

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  • DH and I looked into it last fall on a whim - when we browsed online, nearly all of them were more than our current house and most were far out of our price range.  And then we considered the school districts and things like wanting DD to be able to just go outside and ride her bike in the driveway, or run around in the backyard, we've put that one off for a few decades.  Ha.  I do think it would be fun, though!

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  • My sis and BIL have a friend that's been living with them for a little while until he found a place. He moved from Cali and just found a 1 bdrm down in midtown crossing for like 850 a month (which is cheap compared to at least1200/mo he would pay for the same thing in Cali he said). It's right above (or around) The Parliment. It's totally his style. Has no kids, drives a BMW so wanted a parking garage, valet, can have a dog, walk said dog to the park, can go down grab some coffee, shop, eat, etc...

    It would be great if you worked downtown, had no kids/single, and enjoyed the urban life. I myself like neighborhoods, having a yard, no one living on the other side of my wall, etc.

  • We rent downtown (Old Market Lofts) and I love it.  Like Amy said, we can walk to lots of restaurants, bars, etc. and its just fun to be in the midst of things.  Rarely do we even drive to restaurants anymore because its just so convenient to walk.  I also love having Con Agra right next door because its beautiful in the spring/summer time to walk or run around. Also in the summer I can walk to the farmer's market right up the street to pick up fresh produce.  We have a balcony which I love because its great to people watch on nice days.  Overall its just a fun environment and I love our apartment.

  • Yeah, I probably am having a midlife crisis.  Some days we want kids, other times no.  I think alot of it comes from the fact that the reason I bought a ranch style house in Millard was mainly because my stepson was cominig to live with us.  Now that he's gone, we never use our lower level, and I've found myself wondering where we would have landed without him to consider.

    Glad others have at least daydreamed about it too! 



  • It's something that we've thrown around pretty seriously. Like a pp said though, it's pretty expensive to buy in that area. IMO, it isn't in line with the cost of living here even taking into account that it is a downtown area.

    We were downtown on Friday night right when and where the shooting took place, we just took off about 5 min before it happened. I have to admit that has kind of changed my perspective a little bit.

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