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We should definitely hire this guy...

We get a lot of resumes sent to our general inbox here, but this is a new one for me (he says he's a professional online poker player):

"I believe the skills I have honed through poker -- maintaining emotional control under pressure, using expected value to quickly identify profitable risks, and adhering to strict bankroll standards -- will afford me a relatively seamless transition to the world of money management."


Oh yes, that is exactly what companies are looking for!  I'm sure he'll have a finance job in no time...


Re: We should definitely hire this guy...

  • heh, I'm pretty sure that if my own personal experience w/ booking hotels, flights, and rental cars is not good enough to land me a Travel Agency job, then his personal experience as an online poker player won't be good enough for a financial advisor. 


    so, I wonder... if he's a "professional", who exactly was paying him to play poker, and what is his record?  hah

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  • hrmmm... should I add these qualities to my resume?!?!?!  ha ha 
  • That is awesome! What a way to stand out with your resume dude!
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  • I think he's got a better future in either Sales or Marketing.


    My favorite Cake Wreck ever.

  • D used to be a semi-pro poker player, and he has never put it on a resume.  Until you go the the World Series of Poker and make it to one of the final tables, it's a hobby, not a job. 

    This guy sounds like a real winner, and should by all means be trusted with other's money.

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  • image RevJen:
    I think he's got a better future in either Sales or Marketing.

    True - especially since he linked to the website that he is supposedly one of the top winners on!

  • *Red Flag*

    That is the LAST person I would hire for a financial position.  Although, you've got to give him props for spinning it the way he did.  Very creative. Wink



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