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Inclement Weather Policy

Just curious what your company's policy is for snow days. Is your company or department/boss flexible with coming in a little later/leaving early/working from home when it's bad out or do they ever close when it snows? 

Please no responses from warm climates - I would be too jealous as I sit here looking at a foot of snow!  LOL!


Re: Inclement Weather Policy

  • All of the people who report to my boss commute at least an hour. He's very good about letting us stay home if we don't absolutely have to come in. We all do a lot of work from home on those days to continue to prove we can be productive.

    If there's significant weather the company will shut down. It happens maybe once or twice a year.

    DH's company has just instituted a policy that no one can work from home and they have to come in no matter what. I'm waiting to see how long that lasts...

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  • :::semi-warm climate person butting in:::

     We follow the school district our office is in.  If Dallas closes the schools for the day (or has a late start) we do the same. 

    But around here, people freak out if the tiniest bit of moisture falls from the sky and it's below 40 degrees.

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  • They are *somewhat* flexible as far as having to come late or early due to bad weather, especially for employees who live far away. If you can't make it, you can't make it, but you do have to take PTO for it. Most of us are not set up to work from home so that isn't an option.

    They very very very rarely close due to snow. I heard someone (who has been around for like 20 years) say recently that they can only remember a couple of times the building was closed, and the most recent was something like 7 years ago.

     I live in Minnesota, and by Lake Superior so we get plenty of lake effect snow on top of regular storms and stuff.


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  • I work at a bank, and we never close.  We only have 4 people who work in our branch so on the rarest occasion where we might have to close, our head teller would just call us each individually. 

    Last year, we got several feet of snow (I didn't work at the bank yet), and Head Teller said the regional VP made the decision that if you were going to nearly kill yourself trying to get to work, to not bother.  Those branches that could open, would and those that didn't have anyone show up, wouldn't open.  The next day he made the decision that anyone that was scheduled to work that day but couldn't because of the roads would still get paid their regular time.  Well, aparently in one of the branches, only one woman was able to make it in to the office, and became very angry that the regional VP was still going to pay the people that couldn't make it , and wrote him to complain about it.  Not a very smart professional move in my opinion.  Stick out tongue

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  • I'm a teacher, so it's pretty straight forward for me.

    DH is an architect.  If the governor declares a state-of-emergency in the city he works in, then he gets the day off (paid).  The company will do this for up to 2 days in a calendar year.  This happened for a day a couple of weeks ago.  If he chooses not to go in because of weather or can't go in if we're not plowed or something like that, then he needs to use sick time.

    Before I taught, I was a consultant.  I had the option of working from home on days like that.  I'd just re-route my office phone to my house and log into the network.

  • I have only been at my current company just over 4 months and we haven't yet had the kind of snowfall that warrants that discussion.  However, we do have an inclement weather policy...and I'm assuming that it's at the discretion of one of the higher ups to make that decision.  Unless of course, there's a level 3 snow emergency for our county in which case, it'd pretty much be illegal for us to be out driving around.
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  • I work out an outpatient clinic so we try to stay open to see patients as much as possible but have closed 1 1/2 days (and a 2 hour delay) so far this winter. There is little work to do from home for many of the health care providers since most of our duties focus on patient care so there is little flexibility with hours and working from home.

  • I work in finance and we're a global company so I don't think we'd ever close. In fact, they often ask us if we want to be put up in a hotel to make sure you are at work on time (i think that's a little ridiculous but whatever). We do have work at home access however my boss has said she really doesn't want us using us this option but if we are running late due to the weather they are flexible. We had a heavy snow storm last night, I ended up being an hour late, I called way before I had to be in to let her know and my boss was just glad to see I made it in. However if it's really dangerous for us to come in, we just have to use a vacation day and we can stay home.
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  • I work for a governmental entity.

    We don't show up, we don't get paid. The fourteen inches of snow we got two weeks ago just meant that I got up really early and drove really slow. Some people will take vacation days, but I apparently value my vacation days more than my life.

  • It's not my company, but I have a friend who works for Big Agnes, located in Steamboat Springs, CO.  Big Agnes makes tents, sleeping bags, and other outdoor gear. 

    In her contract is a '0% Powder Clause.'  It means that if there is any percentage of new snow (yes, including zero) she can come in at 1pm that day.  Steamboat Resort is legendary for its snow (called champagne powder) so I think it's a pretty awesome clause. 

  • Hmmm...I have an very flexible job. I work at home regularly (translation: I've been in the office a total of about 15 days in the last 2 months), so unless I have something absolutely critical going on that I HAVE to be in the office for, I don't even deal with driving when the weather is even sorta bad.

    To me, I work MORE at home because I don't have to deal with a 2 hour RT commute, getting dressed, or any extraneous BS.

  • Our company has a policy where we could close due to bad weather, but in the 5 years I have been here, its never happened. We did have a lot of snow one day last week and in my department of 34 people only about 4 came in to the office. The rest either worked from home or took PTO.

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  • Now that I'm a fed, it's like a vacation every week.  They close all the time, it's borderline ridiculous.  This week alone, I was paid for 4 hours I didn't work.  Your tax dollars at work.

    When I used to contract for the fed govt, I had to make up any hours that I couldn't go to work because the govt closed or take vacation.  So for instance, when the govt closed for AN ENTIRE WEEK last winter, I had to make up 40 hours of billable time.  That's just insane and totally unfair since I couldn't work from home; I had to work a lot of overtime to get it done.

    But it totally varies-I've worked for several govt contractors, and each one had a different policy.  Some follow their clients, some make you make it up or take vacation.  I wish it was a little more standardized, at least by industry.

  • 2 jobs- when schools close, sometimes we can get paid but typically admin won't grant permission to "work from home" in time... so we work but don't charge.

    My main job is seing kids outpatient, most cancel with weather (closed 2 days in the last 3 weeks) but parents cancel long before it gets scary on the roads.  I don't blame them for that.  We 'have' to go in if they're open but the managers typically allow for leave or try to find coverage.  I think our work days here are considered "earned time off" or vacation, if we have any and unpaid if not.  Boo for the snow costing me so much. 

     My mom works for local government and she gets paid when the county closes, otherwise she has to report or take vacation/leave.  It would seem there should be a standard policy- esp for government work- good luck weathering the weather!

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  • We don't officially close. Last week, one of our local building lost power--people were told to work at another building, work from home, or take vacation. My division is a Fed Govt contractor--if the Govt closes, the people that work on client site can't charge the govt for the day if they work, they either have to find something else to work on that day or take vacation. During Snowpocalypse, we didn't close once. The bulk of employees do have the option to work from home and most everyone has very flexible work hours so leaving early/coming in late isn't an issue. Except for the support staff--they pretty much have to be in the office, on time, or take vacation. I think it sucks because it's not like they have anything to do when all the people they "support" are working from home and I think it's cruel to force them to risk travelling in when there isn't anything they have to do.

    With the snow last week, I had to be in the office Thurs/Fri so I reserved a hotel room in walking distance to  the office the minute they starting forecasting snow.

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