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Dreaded Chores

What's the one (or two) chores that you absolutely HATE to do and perhaps force DH to do.

I don't do kitchen or bathroom floors. I really really hate to sweep with a broom. I was fired from a job once for being a bad sweeper (damn pizza parlor). It's my silent protest. Every once in a while I'll mop. Otherwise, that is all up to DH.

I hate washing the tubs and showers DH usually takes a magic eraser in the shower with him and will do the walls and stuff for me. Otherwise, I'm not doing it. 

On the flip side, I love to vacuum. I vacuum multiple times a week downstairs. I love emptying the canister, I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment seeing it go int the trash. 

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Re: Dreaded Chores

  • I hate mopping my kitchen floor.  I mean hate.  The last owner didn't properly install the tile and they are a pain to clean.  THe also are pure white so everything shows on them.

    Thank god we are gutting out kitchen in a few weeks.  I'm going to do a song and dance while I see them rip that floor up.

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  • I don't mind floors if I'm using my vacuum on bare floor setting and mopping with the Shark. Must easier. I hate mopping with a traditional mop.

    I can't stand cleaning the sink/toilet/bathtub. I can't get all the hairs (mine, the cats, and DH's beard), no matter how hard I try. It just frustrates the hell out of me. 

    I love to make the bed. I get excited thinking about what it's going to be like that night when I get into it. (This does not mean I make the bed on a regular basis..)

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  • Bathrooms and loading the dishwasher. E loads, I unload, which makes us happy because he hates unloading.
  • Right now, I dread vacuuming because Nate is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. So, either I have to do it when Rodgers is home and can take him in another room, or I have to do it during naptime and risk waking Nate up.

     Otherwise, I don't mind doing any chores. 

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  • I hate bathrooms - no worries, H thrives on them. Blame it on his military background, I'm not sure but in the 8 or 9 years we've been together I have cleaned the bathrooms like twice. I love to vacuum too Marcy. I feel like if I cam see a notable difference I have done it properly. I also love to clean the kitchen - but just not the oven.
  • For me, it's dusting because you have to move everything to do it properly and there are always a few nooks and crannies that are just so hard to get to! However, I love looking at everything afterwards and seeing it dust free! I love vacuuming, but I hate vacuuming the stairs! Lately, it's hard for me to to the wood floor cleaner with the microfiber broom thingy because you really need to work it and the belly kind of gets in the way. I love cleaning though because I love how the house looks afterwards... if only for a short time. 

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  • I hate dusting too... I'm allergic to dust and it sends me into sneezing fits.
  • I don't like cleaning floors, but I do it anyway.  In our current house, I don't like taking out the recycling because it involves dragging it downstairs, and last summer when I did that I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle.  But I still do all of it because I want things cleaner the DH.
  • I hate cleaning the bathrooms. Usually I do it because DH doesn't do it as well as I do, but I got a reprieve while pregnant. My doctor told him I can't do bathrooms :o) I also hate vacuuming, so DH does that. I love cleaning our laminate floors with the steam mop, and I dust and clean the kitchen - don't love either of these but it's a fair trade off.
  • I generally like cleaning.. it's just getting up and doing it that is the problem.

    However, there is one thing that I do not like doing... the litter box.  

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  • I don't like folding laundry.  But my least favourite, is picking up the random stuff around the house and figuring out what to do with it so it looks neat.  Thankfully, DH is good at it so he does it.
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