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How much longer is your Dr going to let you go for without inducing?
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Re: Heather

  • The midwives are ok with me going to around 42 weeks before we start talking induction (barring everything seems ok with him).  I'm fine with it too, I don't feel like he's too "big" yet.  They will do an nst and ultrasound at some point though, just to confirm that all is good.

    I actually emailed me doula tonight to see get more info on inductions (and I'll ask the midwives at my appointment on Monday).  I want to know what my options are should it come to that.  Pitocin scares the poop outta me, so I'm hoping there are other effective ways before it comes to that.....


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  • I totally agree with your feelings on pitocin. 
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  • ::butting in::

    Pitocin scares me too! I really really hope none of us have to have it! Heather, I hope he decides to come on his own soon, so you don't have to worry about it! 


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  • *butting in*

    why is Pitocin so scary?

  • image aligator423uf:

    *butting in*

    why is Pitocin so scary?

    Pitocin makes your contractions way more intense, so it makes it a lot harder to work through them naturally. They say that if you get Pitocin, your likelihood of getting an epidural increases significantly.  The epidural then typically slows down your labor, which means you need more Pitocin, etc.... it's a viscous cycle that you really want to avoid if you hope for a med free birth. Oh, and if your labor doesn't progress how they want and fast enough with the Pitocin, then you get sent for a c-section. 


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  • Wow.  I didn't know that...  Thankfully, they let people go to a full 42 wks before they induce them here.  In fact, I don't hear of very many inductions.
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