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So my little brother (he's 14) just called me to tell me that my dad got fired form his job.  He worked for a train derailment company & was on call all the time (except for 1 weekend every 3 months).  Apparently he showed up late to a call & was drunk.  He's drank for as long as I can remember, which contributed to my parents' divorce.  He got remarried 3 years ago & completely changed his life around for my SM.  She has MS & can't work (she gets disability)...maybe he's just depressed now & that's why the drinking is taking over more? SM drinks a lot too- it seems like that's how they deal with each other.

 I don't expect any real responses. It's just frustrating...I feel more responsible than my parents (mom has her own issues).  I'm the oldest, so I took care of everyone during my parents' divorce- I should be used to this. But it PI$$ES me off!  thanks parents...

Re: Vent...

  • This is rough. I am sorry.

    And it has to be particularly rough and sad and stressful for your kid brother.

    Please make sure he stays safe.

    It would be a good idea for you to check out AlAnon -- and for your bro to look into AlATeen --- you can google them and find out where there is a meeting nearby you.

    There's also a group called Adult Children of Alcoholics.

    Is there anybody nearby who can look in on your brother and make sure he's okay? It's worrisome that his dad's drinking.

    Wishing you the best. Let us know how everybody's doing, especially your kid brother.

    eta: Is your bio mom still in the picture? Is she involved in your brother's life?

    There is drinking there. He is a minor and this is not a good, or healthy, environment for him. Please keep a close eye on the situation and call CPS if you have to.

  • I'm really sorry this is happening....

    I'm the daughter of an alcoholic.... and I really suggest that you look into AlAnon.  It might help. 

    Is there somewhere little brother can go?

    Again.... wishing you the good thoughts and Good Luck.

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  • Definitely Alanon

  • My brother lives with my mom most of the time, in the same town, so he's safe.  If he's at my dad's and dad & SM start drinking, he can leave & go to my mom's (they live about 7 blocks apart).  I'm not worried about my brother physically, but I know it's hard on him emotionally, and I worry about him growing up seeing that.

     I have 2 younger sisters too, 19 & 21 years old, and I know this bothers them too.  I'm going to look into AlAnon...maybe if we all gang up on dad he'll consider it.

     thanks ladies!

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