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Okay, update time

I mentioned awhile back in a previous post that I have been going through a lot and would post when I had time. . . So here it goes...

H and I are getting a divorce. He filed last week. It is pretty amlicable and we have been living as roomates for a long while now and have finally decided to go our own ways. Things are a bit weird because we are still living together and this couldn't have came at a worse time but I am just trying to get through it day by day. I am absolutely swamped with school so searching for apartments just hasn't been a priority yet. Especially since I don't work so I am still trying to figure out how to get approved for more financial aid to pay for living expenses. I have my days where I break down and cry but for the most part I think I am handling it pretty well and I am very grateful to have met some amazing girls in my nursing class that have been a great support system.

I know I will get through this and I know better things are to come.... It is just so overwhelming right now.

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Re: Okay, update time

  • Wow... I did not see this one coming for you. Your H is always replying to your posts on FB which led me to believe you two are happy.


    I'm so sorry girl :(  If you would ever like someone else to talk to let me know and we can do a wine night or something...hugs to you. I really don't know what else to say except that I admire you for being so strong, especially with everything else you have going on right now. I won't put anything on your FB, promise. 

  • Dude... that sucks. Sorry to hear. Left Hug

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  • I'm so sorry! 

    Stay strong, and if you need anything, a girls night out, a place to vent, we're here!

  • image Stacie719:

    Wow... I did not see this one coming for you. Your H is always replying to your posts on FB which led me to believe you two are happy.

    Yah, everyone that knows so far is completely blindsided too. It isn't like we argue or anything... we get along and are continuing to live under the same roof without killing each other. .  Which makes me sound dumb for saying we are divorcing but it is late and I don't feel like typing out an explaination. Bottom line is that we were young, rushed into it, and I definitely should have trusted my gut more when I had reservations about going through with it in the first place. I may type out more later lol but right now I must do this worksheet for clinicals tomorrow.

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  • I did not see this coming either. I am so sorry! I agree, we are all here if you need to vent, chat, hang out or whatever. It sounds like you both know this is probably for the best and are being adult about it. Good luck with getting everything straightened out. I can't imagine how difficult it must be.
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