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Flight Attendents

Hi!  I'm new to the board (although I post of the bump often).  

Anyway,  I am looking to make a career change. I was wondering what you loved and hated about your job.  


Re: Flight Attendents

  • I was a flight attendant a few years ago.  I did it for about a year and then realized I wanted different things out of life.  So saying that things I liked getting to meet new people and see new places.  Also the job gave me self confidence, I am good at public speaking because of it.  This I didn't like, being on reserve for a year or sometimes more. Being gone for four days at a time.  Lastly I don't have children yet, but I want to someday and I couldn't imagine being away from them as they are growing up.  Also at the end of my career I was really depressed with being gone as long as I was and decided the job was not for me.  I hope this helps.

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  • Thanks it did!  I think I might try it for a while and see if it is my cup of tea.  My DH and I are thinking about adoption, but that is going to be a few years down the road for us.  Was it hard being away from your DH?  Did you have to relocate?  Thanks for posting!!
  • I was a flight attendant for several years before DD was born (actually worked up until her birth, then couldn't bear to leave her for days at a time, so quit shortly thereafter). The schedule has its pros and cons. You will likely be on reserve for at least the first year, which means you need to be within an hour of the airport and ready to fly anywhere, for any length of time when you get a call. Makes it difficult to have any sort of social life/plans. Once you build up seniority, you can pretty much buld your own schedule and will likely work 3-4 day trips each week (or have the option to work longer trips less frequently = more consecutive days off the following week). Keep in mind that you'll have to work nights, holidays, etc. any weather or maint. delays might keep you from returning home at a scheduled time, so a 3 day trip might turn into a 4 day. Days are long, usually 14 hours and you are only paid for the time you are flying; no pay for sitting at the airport between flights, boarding, deplaning, etc. Pay is not great (I made less than $20000 as a full-time FA for a major regional carrier, which is where you'll need to start without previous experience). Benefts are good...great health coverage and free flights (though you will be standby, so hard to get to the more popular destinations). It's a great experience for those without children, but couldn't see it working with little ones. Definitely more exciting than your typical 9-5. You'll need to have tough skin, as everything will be your "fault," right down to the weather...passengers can be really rude. But the nice ones will make it worthwhile. I didn't need to move, as I'm close to the major hub for the airline I worked for. If you aren't near a major airport that serves as an airline's hub, you will need to relocate. I missed DH at times, but I found the old saying true, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Good luck!
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