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I am so sick of the snow!

I can't believe it's snowing again.  And I can't believe that something that brought me so much joy as a child is so annoying now.  Maybe I'll appreciate it more when DD is old enough to play in it?  Now I just think of all the hassles. 

Re: I am so sick of the snow!

  • well, snow is a lot more fun from a kid's standpoint! snowmen, forts, sledding, and hot cocoa are fun. so is not shoveling!

    i grew up in new england & went to syracuse where as much as it snows a lot more there, it is handled better. snow in NYC completely sucked because while manhattan never got much snow, those of us in the boroughs often got slammed and not always plowed out. super fun commutes dodging giant slush-mud-snow lakes at every corner. i don't miss that aspect of life in new york at all! 

  • I still enjoy it from a teacher's aspect of getting out of work!!!! 

    It's also fun now because DD loves to go out and play in it.  I just hate all the time it takes to bundle her all up just to go out for a short time. 

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  • As a teacher, there are definitely some positive aspects. The irony of the past two years is that DH and I met in CA (I am originally from there) and he has been on business trips in CA or the Bahamas during ALL of the storms. Right now he is soaking up the nice weather in Palo Alto, CA.
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  • image cmh06:

    I still enjoy it from a teacher's aspect of getting out of work!!!! 

    If I had off work, I'd definitely like it more!  Work is crazy right now, which is probably why I'm cranky.  It's harder to get to work, and the nanny comes later.  Bad combination with a busy work schedule.

  • Next week's weather report says we may get it Mon, Tue and Wed...I almost cried when I saw that.
  • come on, people, it's January, it's expected!

    it could be a lot worse (think MA or NH)

  • I love the snow.  Coming from Upstate NY, this is really nothing.  We would have weeks and weeks where it snowed everyday and never got above freezing so it was just constantly covering everything.  I love the snow down here since it means snow days.  I've already doubled my total snow days from 5 years of teaching in Upstate with only a year and a half down here.  So, that makes me happy for snow!  It's only late January, we've got at least a month left of snow potential ladies!
    July 19, 2008

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  • Yes, but the snow/ice combo are apparently what tripped up that robber in the post below (bank robbery in TKP/Langley Park area).

    I just want it to be April. I've been done with this weather since November. 

  • I do feel bad for those who get hasseled by the snow, but I love it!!  I don't even get time off because of it but I love watching it, stomping around in it, and playing in it.  Perhaps there is a 5 year old stuck in me! (Oh and I do live in a high-rise apartment.  But I love shoveling snow too..yeah I'm weird)

     So I'll enjoy the snow while the rest of you count down the days until spring!Stick out tongue

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