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Can you give me some insight on what goes through an attorney's mind as they prep for trial?

My boss is so ADHD and pacing around like a caged animal.  He said do this, no do this, and do that.  Oh and lets answer a request that is over 2 years old!!

I'm ready to blow a gasket!

Shmel's Blog

Re: @Rachel!

  • Hahhaa well I can certainly empathize!! Usually there is more than one "theory" you can go with, but you really want to stick to one (ideally the best one) so you don't confuse the jury. Then there's the ever-present question of how much to disclose to the prosecutor -- on the one hand if you tell them your theory, they can stick it to you easier in trial, but if you're theory is REALLY good, then you might want to tell them to get a sweet deal or the case dropped. Your boss is probably knocking these ideas back and forth and unfortunately confusing you in the process :)

    As far as answering an old request, that's probably not good! But, a lot of the time you realize things right before trial because that's when you get into the real nitty gritty of the case. What are the charges he's stressing about?

  • It's actually a personal injury case.  Our client fell down an elevator shaft that was covered but not marked and landed pretty hard on his feet obviously causing injury.  There's a lot of players/witnesses involved.  It's pretty in depth..who covered the shaft, what was used to cover it, was it sufficient, etc etc.


    Thanks for the insight :)  Even though you it was criminal in nature...I can still relate!


    Shmel's Blog
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