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Adding my very late WTF wednesday! (and long!)

Yesterday was the longest, worst freaking day in long time.  My boss let us all out early to beat the storm, and I had to stop at the DMV to attempt (for the 3rd time) to register my car, then I was going to pick up my friend at the Metro station cause she was flying in to visit.  Then the snow started around 4.  Well we left the DMV at 430 ($600 and many tears later, at least my car was registered!) and headed for the Metro cause it said her flight had departed and we figured why go home to head back out again in the snow.  Well we get to the Metro station around 645 ( its a 15 minute drive and took 2.5 hrs) and still hadn't hear from her.  Well she calls and said I landed.....back in Boston...they flew to DC circled for an hour and flew BACK to Boston.  Ugh so then we began the trek from the Metro to our apt.  a 15 minute drive took us 4.5 HOURS!  IT was AWFUL people were just getting stuck and leaving their cars and walking, or being stupid and trying to get around everybody in unsafe ways which just compounded the problem  So we FINALLY got home at......drumrolll.....11:30 last night...after leaving work at noon.  Ugh quite the WTF day yesterday down here in MD!
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Re: Adding my very late WTF wednesday! (and long!)

  • I am SO sorry! I hate when weather does that...and when people are too stupid to know how to act/drive in it! Sad. Hopefully today is a much better day for you!
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  • :( I'm sorry you had a crappy day, I hope today was a much better day!
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  • Yuck!  That is awful!  I hate when people are stupid in bad weather, ugh!  Hope you had a snow day today?  You so deserve a day off after going through that!
    ~Margaret (and Nick)~
    Post-Wedding Life Blog!
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  • All I've got to say is THAT SUCKS!!!

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  • image ncsu4ganne:

    All I've got to say is THAT SUCKS!!!

    Word for word!!! So sorry :-(

    April 24, 2010
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  • Holy Crap!  That sounds completely awful!  At least you made it home safe and sound and hopefully people learned their lesson from the storm!
    Shmel's Blog
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