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COMP and FLEX time

I am salary.  With that in mind I know that I dont always work the 40 hour week.  Some times I work more and some times I work less.  To me it all evens out.

We have the option to request COMP time and FLEX time to adjust for that so we are not working too much over the 40 hours.  Well, I hate having to submit the request and sometimes my days are so busy that I dont even have "free time" to COMP or FLEX so for the most part I just "loose" the COMP time and only request a FLEX if it would make for a really long day to my nanny.

Do you think I am being "dumb"?

I was just informed that all the COMP and FLEX requests are recorded.  If you were my manager would you see me in a good or a bad way for not asking for COMP and FLEX time that I earned?

Re: COMP and FLEX time

  • I think it would depend on how much you're putting in for.  If you're dicking around with 30 minutes here and there, I'd think you were being petty.  If it is a 5 hour swing one way or the other, I wouldn't think anything of it.
  • I think it depends on the culture of the organization. If everybody's writing down every time they work an extra 15 min, then sure, go for it. If people regularly work 45 hours a week and think nothing of it, then don't. Ask around.

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