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Does anyone have proven tips on how to be a great temp in a corporate office environment for an administrative/clerical position? I have read articles on the basics of being on time and treating the work like you are a permanent employee so are there any other suggestions that people normally miss? Any insider secrets would be appreciated =)


Thank you! 

Re: Temp

  • I was a temp for 6 months in an admin type position. Definitely treat it as if it's a perm position as you never know it may turn into one. Also, some temps are quick to say "that's not my job, that's not what you hired me for, etc..." I'm not saying let people walk all over you but helping others out once in a while going above and beyond people do take notice too. Also at first it was weird I would attend a dept. meeting but then be asked to leave at the end and only "employees" attended the rest so don't be bitter if you feel a little left out that's just how some companies are.
  • imageakind062:
    don't be bitter if you feel a little left out that's just how some companies are.

     I think this is a big must! Being a temp can often mean you're not included in meetings or decisions. And this can be hard to swallow if you're really dedicated to your job. But keeping a positive attitude during these times will be very important. They need to see that you take the job seriously, but that you're a team player as well.

  • Thank you! As for feeling like an outsider--I didn't even think about that. I'm mentally preparing myself for those types of things now. Definitely going to keep my emotions in check and keep my head in the game =).
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