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What does this mean?

I have been going through an interview process with 2 different organizations.  Organization A offered me a position yesterday, but the salary we negotiated just isn't high enough for me.  I have a final interview with organization B at the end of the week.  I KNOW organization B will not pay more than A, but I think it will be a great fit.  Anyways, I ended the convo with organization A, asking for a week to think about it.  She said, "Of course.  Can you do me a favor though and please call me before you accept any other offers."  Does this mean if I call her again, she might offer me more?  What should I do? Help!

Re: What does this mean?

  • P.S.- the reason organization A's offer isn't quite high enough is because it's responsibilities/hours are a little greater than Bs, with the same job title.
  • Sounds like she might have some wiggle room & be able to offer you more.  I would do as she asked.  Wait for the offer from "B" and then call her to see what she says. Unfortunately no one on the boards is going to be able to answer your question about why she wants you to call.  Don't stress; you are in a very good place if you are able to make a choice for which one is a better fit.  Good luck!  
  • I think she wants you to call her because there is room to negotiate. But if you do get an offer from B, I would not divulge the name of the company to the woman from company A.
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