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Anyone had breast reduction surgery?

I've been saying I was going to get it for 100 yrs, but always wanted to wait till I was done having kids.  Since I haven't managed to get knocked up as of late, I think I just want to have the surgery b/c, who knows, maybe I'll never get pregnant, then I'll have spent my entire 30s w/out having a normal sized rack.  So, I made a consult appointment.

 So, if you had it, what was the recovery like? What about scarring? Are you happy you did it?  My c-sec scar is nearly invisible, so I'm assuming that I'm a good healer. 

Re: Anyone had breast reduction surgery?

  • A few people on ML have. I really REALLY want one, but after I lose weight.
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  • My friend had one and could not have been happier with the results. It was back in college so I am not sure how long her recovery was since she did it over a break. Maybe four days?

    She showed them to me (before I had a chance to say no thanks, I am all set). The scars were pretty awful. They went all around the nipple area, a line from the nipple to undenearth the breast, and one all underneath. They were fresh scars though and she still said it was worth it.

  • I didn't but I have had two friends who have had it and both had drastically different recovery, scarring etc. They key seems to be having a good doctor, but that si really with anything.
  • Me, it was 10 years ago now (I was 17, I weight 125 and was 5'2 and the doctors told my parents it had to be done or I was going to end up with some major back problems)

     This may be TMI for some... 

    This was before they just went from under the breast, so I had my whole nipple cut off with pretty much no scaring. I was uncomfy after but never really in bad pain. I had it done over Spring Break so it ruined that but after about a week I was up. They took a total of 25 pounds out (I was insanely huge) and was a small C I have since gone up to a larger C or D but even with weight gain never really got my old boobs back. 

    It was the best thing I have ever done and improved my life dramatically. I also had an amazing doctor.



  • I should say now as an adult who is thinking about kids in the next few years I am slightly disapointed I won't be able to breast feed (there is about a 5% chance I will still be able to) but I don't know if it effects that anymore since they cut a different way and much smaller now.
  • Yeah, I'm assuming I won't' be able to breastfeed afterwards.  Since I was a big fat failure on that w/ Liza anyway, I'm okay w/ that being a side-effect.  Thanks Aliza! 


  • .I had it done 5 years ago. Best thing ever. they cut under and around the nipps. but they were able to leave the ducts attached so if I ever feel like getting knocked up I could still try and BF. Make sure you get a doctor you trust and look at his pervious work. My scars have pretty much disappeared. I was a DDD before and went to a C cup. I have gained a bit of weight back in my boobies but they still look great.

    The first 2 weeks after are a B! tch. but if you can get through birfing a baby you can get through this.

    Pain meds are grrrrreeaattt!

  • image Aliza131:
    I had my whole nipple cut off

    Grabbing my chest and convulsing at the thought of this!

    "As of page 2 this might be the most boring argument ever. It's making me long for Rape Day." - Mouse
  • image _Fenton:

    image Aliza131:
    I had my whole nipple cut off

    Grabbing my chest and convulsing at the thought of this!

    omg, me too!

    two mlers had it done recently.  jeana and aance.  they both are in love with their new boobs.  i can't recall who did their first (i *think* it was aance, but i'm not positive), but i know they were really helpful with the one who went after.  

  • My mom did.  I'm going to wait til after kids because I'm vain and know that the milk coming and going will make me sag and stuff and my G cups aren't exactly perky now.

    My mom's boobs look amazing now and she got 8 lbs taken out of each breast (from like an I or something to a small D).  She had some restrictions for 2 weeks, but they were livable with minimal family support (no walking the dog, lifting over x lbs, special bras, etc).  

  • I'm surprised to see all the people here who've had this done.  I had mine in 1992, and it was the best thing I ever did in terms of how I felt about my body.  I went from a DD/E (to be honest, I was probably bigger, but didn't want to buy bigger bras) to a C, but now am back to a D and sometimes DD when I gain weight.  Still, the shape and perkiness is so much improved, and I'm still glad I did it.  In fact, when I lose weight, they go down in size now, which they didn't do before.

    My scars are as Kamikaze described.  I get keloids, so they are still pretty large and visible at the ends, but otherwise, they've faded quite a bit.  The good thing is that most of the scars are in places that you don't ordinarily see, like under the boob and on the side.  Supposedly, I should still be able to breast feed.

    For the first week after, I was pretty laid up, both from pain and exhaustion, but after that, I was able to get around.  I think I wore the special bra for about a month, and after that, was good to go.

  • TSDTSD member
    My good friend had it years ago. She is monumentally happy with it. She'd do it again in a heartbeat. I don't think the recovery was a picnic and her scars are not tiny, but I think they have much better procedures now where the scarring is less visible.
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