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I have the flu

ugh.  i've had it for about 48 hours, but since I had a pre-natal appointment I put off seeing the doctor.

Fallin, what does one watch on telly during the day?


Re: I have the flu

  • booo.  that sucks.  did you get a flu shot or no?  I know it doesn't prevent all flus; I am just wondering.

    Maury Povich is classic with the DNA tests.  Baggage is a new creeptacular game show hosted by Jerry Springer.  Daytime tv kind of sucks though.  If I were you I'd snuggle up with some tea and watch a good movie instead.

  • Boo.   No flu shot, I'm a leetle bit of a paranoid pregnant lady.  Don't get me wrong, Lila is up to date on all her vaccines, but I really think the flu shot if for old folks.

    I am alllll about the flu shot.  I had it when I was a couple months pregnant, right after I gave birth, and I made my H go get one before he went back to work even though he didn't want to.  Then half of his staff fell ill with the flu and he didn't and he didn't bring it home to the baby.  BLAMMO.  vindicated.  but you can still get the flu after getting the shot, so whatev.  It just makes me feel proactive.

  • I got the H1N1 last year because Lila was still little.   However, i am not comfortable with getting it while pregnant
  • jack has a third arm nub that sticks out of his back, but we affectionately call it Coco.
  • I'm sorry!  The flu sucks.  You can watch General Hospital, but that doesn't come on 'til 3.

    image Mabel the Loser.
  • Tony Watches Maury or Jerry when he stays home.  He had  never seen either until a couple months ago and was so fansinated by them he couldn't wait to stay home and watch them again.  It's like he was living in some sort of bubble. 
    IVF#1 May 2011 15 Eggs Retrieved, 11 Fertilized using ICSI + HPT on 6/9/11 Beta #1 420 Beta #2 2167 US 7/1 TWINS!! Due 2/18/2012 Brooke and Nora born at 35.6 weeks Jan 20th 2012
  • Thank you HBO for Big Love.   I stayed awake through all of it!

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