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Penis Piercings

So, I know nothing about penis rings. Tell me, is it possible to wear a condom with one in? Or does one have to take it out first? And can one even take it out?

Tell me everything you know about sex with a penis ring. 


Re: Penis Piercings

  • First of all, not all penis piercings are rings :)

    Generally, you can put a condom over most male genital piercings.  I would say that if there's a ring in a surface piercing (like a frenum or a hafada), you might want to either have the guy remove it or switch to a barbell, because it would be less likely to catch on anything or get stuck during sex.  The last thing you want is to rip one of them thangs bueno.

    Piercings can be removed, yes -- some more easily than others.  For a lot of dudes, the entire point of putting metal in their junk is to increase the sexual experience for either him or his partner, so unless it's painful, at least give it a go!  I had a partner with a frenum ladder, and it really never did much for me.  Some women really like stuff like that though.

    I will state for the record that I do not recommend anal sex with someone who has a penis piercing, both for hygiene and comfort reasons. 

  • The adornment in question is a Prince Albert, so yes, a ring. Thanks for the info. Was just unsure if he could wear a condom or not, and didn't want to go down that road if it was just going to end up a dealbreaker.
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    I'm with you and I don't even have a penis!

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  • You can use a condom with a ring, My DH started with a ring and switched his to a barbell and only recently took it out permanently.  Never a problem, but you seriously want him to remove it for anal.  Also, I hated it for BJs, the ring killed my mouth.

  •   Just freaking weird.
  • My husband has a prince albert. You can still wear a condom. Although let you SO that it will hurt really badly to get one done. When my DH got his done he bled through maxi pads for a week and it was still somewhat painful to have sex for almost a year. They take a while to heal. Also is your SO is well endowed it can sometimes hurt during sex. It took me a while to get used to his ring and for it to not hurt and DO NOT try anal its not a good idea. My husband also has what are called pearls in IMO they are sooo much better and I would recommend those over a prince albert. pearls are silicone balls that are implanted under the skin and they only take 3 weeks to recover from and aren't as painful. DH says it kind of feels like when you get your ear pierced but they add to the girth and kind of feel like a studded condom only 10x better. Hope that helps :)

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  • Not all guys have such a hard time healing.  I have one exbf with a PA who said it "wasn't bad" and healed quickly, and another with an apadravya who also said the pain wasn't bad at all and healed quickly.  I enjoyed both quite a bit. :)  No problems with condoms. 
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