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Questions about apartments in Bham area. I'm out of state

DH is an active duty Marine and he has orders to the reserve base in bessemer. 

We've been told to stay away from Bessemer.  We've been looking at apartments but without knowing the area we aren't sure where to look.

We've found one that we like but I think it faces a main road which I do not want.  We've found another one that we both like but IMO the utilities seems high.

Can anyone tell me how much average utilites are for a 2BR 1 or 2 bath?

Also, does anyone know anything about ridge crossings, lakeshore ridge and the oaks at lakeshore?


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Re: Questions about apartments in Bham area. I'm out of state

  • It totally depends on what kind of couple you are. Do you like city, burbs, or a little of both? Are they charging a flat rate for utilities? Water charges are usually $25-$50 a month and gas varies and usually just pays to heat the water and the tenant pays for the rest.
  • I just bought a house in Alabaster.....  and lakeshore is nice and so is ridge crossings, I have been living in birmingham for 20 years.... Bessemer is okay it depends on where,  I would try lakeshore it is quite down where the apartments are but not to far from DOWNTOWN, and shopping places!!!
  • Hi,

     I've lived here for 7 years and lived in apartments downtown the last few years. We just bought a house in Hoover, but we searched for apartments at first at the beginning of last year so I know the areas. Between my husband and I we have lived in 7 apartment complexes in the last 7 years and have several friends who have lived in other places.

     Lakeshore can get a bit rough, depending on WHERE on Lakeshore you live. 

     The good thing about your husband working in Bessemer is that if it's an 8 - 5 job he will be going against the traffic. Will you be working as well? That will make a factor in where you want to live too depending on how you like traffic. 

    What is your budget for apartments? 

    Also - I used this website to look up apartments before because it's interesting to read reviews that other people who have lived that left. 

    Ridge Crossings:

    Two of my friends live in Ridge Crossings and they seem to like it. They share a two bedroom on a budget and seem to do pretty well. I can ask about their utilities if you'd like.This would be great for your husband to jump on 459 and go to work. Plus you are in a nicer, safer part of town and right down from Walmart, Target, etc.

    Oaks at Lakeshore

    We toured this one and it seemed like they were pretty nice. It was near the Cahaba river treatment plant though and the day we toured it, it smelled terrible. The rooms were layed out very nice, but they said there was a waiting list. You might want to check on that. It was very quiet and a lot safer after they closed the old movie theater. We decided against it because of traffic and we felt it was more expensive because it was newer. This is a gated community.

    Lakeshore Ridge

    We felt this was a little too "off" the beaten path for us.I don't know anything else about it.

    My husband lived here when we first met: and he liked it. My best friend lives here now and another friend of ours live here. It's closer to Ridge Crossing. If I were you I would live in Hoover just because it's a safer neighborhood and your husband can easily hop on 459.

     If you have any questions, feel free to email me!






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