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Canon P&S: Why is it taking so long b/w taking pictures?

I have a fairly new (1.5 years old?) Canon P&S camera, and I've noticed that it seems to have a lag in b/w taking pictures. I find this very annoying. I usually have to wait 3-4 seconds b/w taking pictures. 

Does this have to do with my SD card? I currently am using a Kingston 2GB SD card. I also shoot a lot of pictures for my food blog, and thus the camera is near heat/warmth from taking a picture of just-cooked food (but I try to blow the steam away as I'm taking a picture too, so it doesn't steam up the picture.)

I don't know what to do to fix this problem? Not sure if it's b/c it's been exposed to too much steam (it's not like I'm taking pictures of food everyday nor exposing it to extreme amount of heat), or due to the SD card I'm using? 

Re: Canon P&S: Why is it taking so long b/w taking pictures?

  • It could be the card. Do you know the read/write speed of the card you're using?

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  • Look up the reviews on your specific camera. It could be just the camera...people will say so if they have the same issue. It could also be the memory card speed. If you can, shoot your photos at a lower resolution which will make the file size smaller.

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  • I would check the sutter speed. There should be a setting that you can change.
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  • ditto pp - check the stats on your camera, it may just be made that way.  Some are slower than others.
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  • Does it spend that time displaying the last photo you took, or is it just black and spending the time setting up for the next shot? We've had a few Canon P&S cameras and they have an adjustable setting for the amount of time it reviews a photo. I think the default is 2 seconds, but it could be possible that it got adjusted to a longer review period.
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